Are Corgis Good Apartment Dogs?

Corgis are an absolutely delightful and playful dog breed. Their small size and adorable appearance makes them one of the most popular pets.

If you are planning on adding this highly adaptable pet to your family, then you should continue reading. In this article, we answer all the questions you might have about bringing a tiny Corgi home. 


Do Corgis Make Good Apartment Dogs?

Yes! Corgis make good apartment dogs because of their small frame and sociable nature. Corgis are naturally small in size. So even when they reach adulthood, they remain relatively small. Most Corgis don’t grow more than 30 pounds. So, you don’t have to worry about them living in apartments comfortably.


Get To Know Corgis

Given how apartments and lofts don’t have much space, corgis can prove to be a great choice for small homes. These stubby-legged dogs are intelligent and highly independent. If they are provided with some fun and engaging toys, you can even leave them alone for a few hours.

Corgis were traditionally raised to take care of herds and cattle, and hence they’re extremely alert and watchful in nature. If your apartment has a window or balcony, your Corgis can be found spending much time watching life go by from it. They’re also known to be extremely social and amicable.

If you get a lot of visitors, Corgis won’t give you a hard time barking upon anyone. Corgis are known to be affectionate and cheerful. They spread joy and love wherever they are. Just like any other breed, they need their fair share of activities so that they can lead a healthy and happy life.

Just like humans, every dog has its own personality. Deciding to add a furry friend to your family is a big step and should not be taken without proper research.

If you are planning to adopt a Corgi, you should make sure that you know each and every little detail about them. Understanding their personality and needs can help you be more aware of them. This will also make you capable of providing care according to their needs to give them a happy and healthy life.

Below, we will walk you through the characteristics of Corgis that will convince you that they are great apartment dogs.



Corgis are known to be highly adaptable in nature. It is exactly why they can be found all the way up in Buckingham Palace with Queen Elizabeth, to all the way down in small lofts and tiny homes. They can easily live in any kind of dwelling and always try to bring a smile on everyone’s faces.

They are one of the best breeds to consider if you live in an apartment.



Corgis are highly independent and energetic dogs. Although all dogs have different personalities, in general, Corgis are known to be very loyal and intelligent. They are said to possess one of the highest IQ amongst other dog breeds. So, not only do they easily catch on, but they are also adept in understanding commands effectively.

They are highly attentive dogs, so you can be assured that they will listen to all your instructions. Not only that, but they are also great watchdogs who can alert you when they sense something out of the ordinary.

They prove to be great family dogs as they are gentle and very friendly. They bask in the attention and entertain you with their playful personality.

However, Corgis can also prove to be stubborn. They love to have their own way with things, but you can manage their behavior by giving them a careful training from when they are a puppy.


Size and Weight

Corgis are famous for having a small frame for their entire life. A fully grown corgi can be expected to be anywhere from 30-33 pounds. While the maximum height that they can reach is 30cms.

They are an ideal dog breed for keeping in apartments, and can even be crate and kennel trained. Their small size makes sure that they can be kept in apartments without breaking any apartment rules.

Corgis may be small in size, but that does not undermine their personality. They possess the confidence that of big dog breeds and are fondly said to be big dogs in a small body.



Do not be fooled by their size, these tiny Corgis love to play. They need to be taken regularly for walks so that they can burn off their excess energy. They also need to be regularly engaged in intuitive physical activities so that they can use their mental energy on them.

Corgis tend to get bored easily, so make sure that you surround them with enough engaging toys that they spend their time playing with. If you provide them with enough activities and toys, you can even leave them alone for some hours.

It should also be noted that Corgis need varied levels of activities throughout their lifespan. While puppies under six months do not need much activity, 7-13-month-olds need a high level of activity. Older Corgis need a fairly less amount of activity as they have less energy to burn.



Like every dog, Corgis also need grooming. They shed twice a year. Their shedding can easily be managed by brushing their coat every alternative day, giving them timely baths, and providing them with a nutritious diet.


Frequently Asked Questions

By now, you must have realized how bringing a Corgi to your apartment is a good idea. But if you need more clarity on your decision, you can go through the following frequently asked questions to be more convinced.


Are Corgis kid-friendly?

Corgis are considered to be very gentle and friendly. They are never known to be aggressive near known family members. In fact, Corgis love to play with kids. They show affection towards people and are very protective in nature.


Are Corgis difficult to train?

Although Corgis are famous for being stubborn and working on their own terms, they are not hard to train. They are very smart and attentive, and hence they catch on training very fast. In fact, Corgis can also be given agility training apart from obedience training as they are known to run very fast.


Can Corgis be left alone for a long period?

Like any dog, Corgis can also develop separation anxiety when left alone for a longer period. However, that being said, Corgis are very independent in nature. If you take them for long walks and provide them stimulating and entertaining activities like puzzles, toys, etc., they can be left alone for a few hours while you’re free to run errands.


Do Corgis bark a lot?

Barking is a way of communication that is common to all dogs irrespective of their breeds. Corgis are highly alert and efficient watchdogs. They alert their owners by barking when they sense something off.  The barking of Corgis can be easily managed by giving them training and making them understand not to bark a lot. They’re very intelligent, and hence quickly learn how to behave.


Final Takeaway

Corgis are incredibly smart dogs with an adorable body and warm personality. They gel very well with people and live comfortably in apartments. With a little care, love, and training, Corgis have proven to be amazing companions.




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