Are Golden Retrievers Hyper?

Golden retrievers are the most beloved and popular breed in the world. Nobody can disagree with the fact that they are highly active and playful pets. Their unique color, sheer soft hairs, and activeness can captivate everyone around them.

There are various factors that affect the mood of Goldies. Let’s find out more about their hyper behavior!


Are Goldies hyper in nature?

Golden retrievers are considered to be easy-to-keep pooches, but sometimes they can be fiddle footed or hyper. These big doggos can be uncontrollable at the time when they are hyper. The retrievers should receive their daily fragment of exercise, failing to do so might result in the pooch to feel hyper.

You can have a tough time if your retriever is big and high-strung frequently. Before you judge them further, it’s important to know what triggers them further. Luckily, there are ways you can channel that energy and calm them.


When Are Golden Retrievers Hyper?

Golden retrievers are working retriever doggos, which means they have a high energy level that should be released productively. Failing to channel their energy correctly, the retrievers are prone to react in less desirable ways. You must understand your companion well and know what activates the hyper behavior.


Insufficient Physical Activity

If you already own a retriever, you will probably know the great need for physical activity for them. Since these pooches are high at energy, running around, playing, and jumping helps them express their energy positively. If your retriever is feeling hyper lately, one of the causes may be a lack of physical activity.

Be sure to address the needs of the retriever to be fit and healthy. Also, a lack of exercise can cause them to gain obnoxious weight. This, in turn, will make them feel uncomfortable and snappy.


Inadequate Attention

In many cases, retrievers turn hyper to try to get your attention. This might sound a little bit odd, but it’s true. This happens when you are not paying a lot of attention to your pooch throughout the day. The retrievers understand that by being hyper, they can somewhat grab your attention, and thus they do so. It will slowly develop to behave hyper frequently.

We all love to be greeted by our pets when we arrive home after work. A hyper dog who feels the lack of attention will go overboard with the welcome greetings. When the pooch is hyper, they will jump on you, bark loudly, tip over things, etc.



Having a golden retriever means you have to be as active as they are. If the pooch is not engaging in a few activities, it is surely going to get bored. Your canine companion may also feel boredom if you leave him alone for long durations. You should also know that boredom can affect the retriever negatively and make them hyper.

This intelligent dog requires constant stimulation and activity of some kind. Many pet owners fail to consider that their friend is not evolved to sleep and roam the whole day. Boredom leads the pooch to develop bad habits and showcase an increased behavior of being hyper.



A few retrievers tend to act hyper when they are going through separation anxiety. Separation anxiety occurs when your pooch feels left alone. Retrievers who feel this anxiety do not like to be left alone in the house for a long time. This may be closely related to boredom as well. Being alone makes the pooch feel worried and tensed.

You can identify separation anxiety by carefully noticing a few symptoms. The symptoms of separation anxiety are being destructive, peeing inside. These symptoms occur when you are away, or you are about to leave. This is what leads the retriever to be hyper.


Feeding Wrongly

A retriever’s diet is one of the prime determiners of his behavior. If there is an issue with the diet, your pooch reacts negatively. Feeding wrongly can also mean not feeding adequately. If the doggo is feeling hyper, it may be because he is not getting the correct source of nutrition.

Your furry friend will also act hyper after consuming certain foods. Foods that the retriever doesn’t like eating should be eliminated from his diet. Another reason explaining the hyper behavior may be due to changes in the diet. So, if you have recently experimented or altered his diet, the pooch may get hyper.


Receiving Encouragement For Such Behavior

Everyone is fond of their furry friends and put all efforts to provide them with all the things that comfort them. But this act of yours may be unknowingly the reason that he resorts to the hyper behavior. Overpampering and giving everything that he demands may spoil the pooch further.

If you give toys, treats, and attention whenever your retriever is hyper, he will do it often to continue the treatment. You have to discourage this behavior and reward the pooch only when he is well behaved.


How To Calm Golden Retrievers

Hyperactive dogs tend to have poor impulse control. As an owner, you can do a  few things to increase the impulse control of your pooch. If you put great efforts, your pooch may never showcase any kind of hyper behavior. We have listed a few ways in which you can calm your retriever.



To stop that hyperactive behavior, you need to train your pooch very well. You can start by teaching small things like sitting and playing. Always ensure that you provide training to the retriever wherever he feels homely.

Once the pooch picks up the basics, you can train him for much harder and challenging things. Training will also teach your companion to listen to you.


Trying New Activities

Retrievers love all kinds of physical activities. You can regularly take your retriever to the park and play new games. Allowing him to swim is an even better option. Apart from this, you can give the pooch some new toys and rotate out the older ones. This way, you can increase the retrievers’ productivity and eliminate boredom.


Let The Retriever Socialize

Introducing the retriever to new faces can help him be more friendly and calm. Every time your pooch meets a new person or fellow canine, they may feel good. Taking your pup for a walk to a dog park where he can socialize is a good idea. This will help the retriever to adapt to all kinds of environments.

More Information

Keeping up with a golden retriever is indeed very challenging. If you train them well through the start, the pooch will be very well behaved and smart. You must create a good relationship with your furry companion. Try to understand their behavior and cater to their basic demands.

It is best if you train the retriever by yourself, in this way, the pooch gets to spend maximum time with you. If you’re unable to do so, you can always take the help of a professional trainer to train your dog. You should also pay attention to the health of your retriever, a sick pooch is prone to get fussy and irritated easily.

Do not forget to reward them for their good behavior. Treat them with new toys and their favorite treats to make them happy. A doggo is a huge responsibility, you must put maximum efforts to make them feel comfortable.



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