Are Golden Retrievers Protective

Each and every dog out there is special and cute in some way or the other. However, one cannot deny that a golden retriever is one of the most adorable of the lot! With its everlasting smiling face and that unceasing wiggly tale, a golden retriever is bound to melt down your heart!


Is Golden Retriever A Protective Breed?

Yes, they are really protective. Golden Retriever is known to be the kindest, friendliest, and most affectionate breed. They have a heart full of immense love for everyone around them. This loving temperament makes them fall in love with their owners. Your Golden Doodle will devote its all to love you and be faithful to you.


What’s more to come?

You can expect your lovely doggo to be protective at all times. The love naturally builds in them a protective instinct towards their human.

You must be wondering by now that since they are protective, can golden retriever make for good guard dogs? I’m afraid to disappoint you, but no. Why not? Read further to know.


Will My Golden Retriever Protect Me From Danger?

Golden Retriever is one of the most loyal of all the canine companions. They have a calm spirit and always tend to please their humans. Protecting the owner at all costs is a natural instinct. However, this instinct will lead them to protect you from any possible danger that is debatable. There are several factors to determine if your pal will protect you from danger or not.



To be able to protect the owner depends on how your Goldie has been trained. Golden Retriever is a “beauty with brain” breed. Their intelligence makes it easy to train them while they are young. Training them can be a tedious task once they have grown up because they are extremely friendly and playful. They will tend to play more than train.

It is still not sure that the retriever will save you from physical danger. They are not naturally aggressive. In adverse situations, they might not attack an intruder, even when they desperately wish to protect you. It would rather aggressively bark to scare away the intruder.

Nevertheless, there have been several instances where even untrained dogs have protected their owners from severe dangers like assault and burglary.



If your golden friend has not been very social from a young age, it is likely for your pooch to be overly protective when you’re around strangers. Being an animal, your doggo knows the possible threats posed by other doggies or animals. Then again, it will behave over protectively and might as well get aggressive.

That being said, your Goldie might not act very protective if the case is the opposite. That is, if the retriever has been a social bee and is friendly with strangers, it might not act protective when needed.

However, it is always better for your furry pal to be over-friendly than being overprotective. The reason being it will be difficult for you to manage your doggo around strangers if it is overly protective.


A Deterrent to Danger

It is likely that a Golden Retriever will possibly fail to protect you against severe physical danger. Nonetheless, it will still act as a deterrent.  

Golden Retrievers are big and sturdy dogs. A person who is planning to attack, you will think twice whether to attack or not if your friend is accompanying you.

All dogs have this temperament to alert their owners of impending danger. Your Goldie will continue to bark furiously to make sure that you are alert of dangers like fire or an intruder. However, it is still advisable to take necessary precautions because sometimes your doggo might not alert you for some reason.


Do Golden Retrievers Make Good Guard Dogs?

To feel protective is one thing and to be able to protect is certainly the other. Being protective is a natural instinct of Golden Retrievers, but attacking is not. Your Golden Retriever is so loyal that it will always be keen to protect you, but will it be able to do it is a big question.

To be a guard dog simply means to be able to protect you in any type of dangerous situation. The dog needs a naturally aggressive temperament to act in emergency situations. A Golden is inclined to stay beside you in the face of danger because of its overly protective feeling for you. Situations like these may sometimes rather add to your danger.

Although Golden Retrievers are not naturally good guard dogs, they can be trained to be one. It is easy to train retrievers into becoming guard dogs because they are intelligent and obedient. Moreover, they are instinctively protective, incredibly loyal, and large in size, which makes them a good candidate for a guard dog.


Does Protective Nature Make Golden Retriever A Good Companion Dog?

Human companionship is one of the best traits of the Golden Retriever. Though they can be trained, Golden Retriever is better off as a companion dog than as a guard dog. They prove to be a good guide for blind owners. They are also regarded as one of the best companions for the deaf.

Golden Retrievers are also very popular as service dogs for people who suffer from epilepsy. People with epilepsy frequently suffer from seizures. Goldie’s strong instincts help them to know beforehand that a seizure is going to occur. They can save the owner by getting early help.

So you see, a Golden Retriever is much more than a cuddle buddy. Their intelligence and obedience to the owner, along with that pretty face, make them the most adorable companions out there.


What Are The Pros And Cons Of Being Protective?

There are many advantages to being a protective dog. First of all, a protective dog will always be loyal and faithful to you. They will never leave your side even if they are themselves in danger. They might not be able to attack your enemy during an assault, but they will stand right next to you and might even take the blow in order to save you.

Golden doggo is a pro at calming you down. They help you to overcome depression. They are surely the best cuddle partners who help you essentially in your days of anxiety and stress.

There are not many cons of a protective Golden doggo. Just that they tend to become aggressive if they have the urge to protect you.

When you are around people who are your friends but strangers to your doggo, it will become difficult to handle or dominate them. They will look up to these strangers as a threat and will try to become the super-doggo to the rescue of its human. Sounds cute, but can be annoying at times.


To Sum It Up

Golden Retriever is both your friend and your protector. This big furry creature has not only golden hair but a golden heart as well. They are sure to become the most lovable member of your family.

A Goldie is the best cuddle buddy. They come with a package of infinite free hugs! Most of all, they give you unconditional love in exchange for a few belly rubs and a little scuffing behind the ears.


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