Do French Bulldogs Get Along with Other Dogs?

How are Frenchies like?

French Bulldogs are known to be a playful breed with a loving nature. Most Frenchie pooches easily get along with other dogs. However, they are an extremely protective breed and can, at times, come across as aggressive. Each Frenchie is different. By identifying your Frenchie’s attitude towards other dogs, you will be able to better plan their play activities.

If you plan on adopting a Frenchie and have other dogs at home, it is important to know how your Frenchie will behave. Read ahead to find out.

Speaking to your Vet

When you first get your Frenchie, it may be a good idea to consult your veterinarian on the kind of puppy to bring home. Some puppies may be naturally allergic to others. This means that they may not grow into friendly pups. You may want your Frenchie to have playtime or get along with other pooches at home. In this case, it may be a good idea to ask your veterinarian to identify any potential allergies.

Your veterinarian can also identify the breeding history of your Frenchie. Through this, they can keep you informed about any aggressive tendencies in your pup. It is a good idea to meet the mother of your Frenchie and consult the veterinarian about her behavior. The mother’s genetics can predict the Frenchie pup’s behavior. Based on the predictions, you can tailor socialization efforts for your Frenchie puppy.

Despite these physical and genetic factors, most Frenchie pooches tend to get along with other dogs when they are properly socialized.

Treating your French Dog Well

As your Frenchie puppy is growing, it is very important to treat them well and be loving towards them. This is the first socialization experience that your Frenchie will have. If done well, it can eliminate any future behavioral issues. If ill-treated, your Frenchie may not develop the essential social skills to get along with other doggies.

Further, it is important to socialize Frenchie pups with other dogs as they are growing. Giving them timely treats for good behavior with other pooches will teach Frenchie pups good behavior early on.

Frenchies and Anxiety

Your French Bulldog may display aggressive behavior due to underlying anxiety issues. This will mostly occur if your Frenchie was not stimulated enough as a pup. Little things like regular neighborhood walk with your Frenchie will stimulate them. It will introduce them to sounds like traffic, crowds in public places, and other doggies on the sidewalk.

Such stimulation can really help your Frenchie develop important social skills necessary for displaying friendly behavior. Beginning these practices early will sensitize and calm your Frenchie down. In this way, they are less likely to develop aggressive behavior around other dogs.

Socializing your Frenchie

Instead of guessing whether or not your Frenchie will be friendly towards another dog, it is best to socialize them right. When you pick playmates for your Frenchie, try to introduce them on neutral territory for the first time. This is because Frenchies are territorial dogs and may turn unfriendly when other dogs enter their territory.


When socializing dogs, little things go a long way. Prior to the meeting, introduce the other doggie’s items to your Frenchie. In this way, your Frenchie will familiarize themselves with the scent of their playmate dog. On the day of the meeting, it is a good idea to keep doggie treats handy. Reward any and all friendly behavior consistently.

During the first meeting, maintain a little distance between the dogs. At this point, you may notice signs that your Frenchie is aggressive. These may include bared teeth or inward growling or any other signs that you may recognize. In this case, it is better to walk your Frenchie away from the other dog. In this case, you may want to reschedule the playdate for another day.

Do not give up if your Frenchie is aggressive the first couple of times. Try again with your pooch on a leash. Make sure to reward any calm and friendly behavior each time.

If your Frenchie is socializing for the first time, it is best to meet just one other dog at a time. Too many new faces may make your Frenchie uncomfortable. As your pooch adjusts to the other dog, you can slowly start to take their leash off. Be proactive and keep your eye on your pooch the first time. If this is also a friendly meeting, your pooch is ready to play with the other dog.

Socializing at Home

You may be bringing a new Frenchie home or introducing your new doggie to your old Frenchie. In this case, you may not be able to introduce your pooches on neutral territory. If you are bringing a pup Frenchie home, it is a good idea to give your doggie a treat for any friendly behavior.

If you are bringing another pooch home, your pet Frenchie maybe jealous. Introduce your Frenchie to the new pooch outside your home a few times before you bring them home. This may eliminate any tendencies of territoriality.

Keep initial meetings between your pooches short and assign them rooms if possible. As they develop social skills and become friendlier, you can let your Frenchie and other pooch spend time together.

Attention-Seeking Behavior

Frenchies are known to be territorial, attention-seeking dogs who often get jealous if they feel that other dogs are stealing their attention. When you have other dogs at home, your Frenchie may show behavior like pushing the other doggo off your lap or butting their head against them.

Most often, this is not aggressive behavior but a call for attention. You may notice that your Frenchie is perfectly friendly with the other dog when you are at a distance. When such behavior occurs, show your Frenchie pooch some loving gestures. This should calm their jealousy and anxiety down. In most cases, this will reduce any behavior towards the other dog that may seem aggressive.

This may also occur during feeding time. Your Frenchie may growl or display aggressive behavior when you give your other dog a treat. It is important to slowly train your Frenchie against such behavior. This can be done by rewarding your Frenchie each time they remain calm when the other dog is fed.


Keep Introducing your Frenchie to New Dogs

Your Frenchie will develop better social skills when they meet more of other doggies. It is a great idea to schedule new playdates with new pooches. As your Frenchie gets comfortable with the new meetings, you may come to notice that they are very friendly in their approach.

In these meetings, you may want to consider introducing them to other Frenchie pooches, Boxers, or Bulldogs as they are often compatible. Frenchies are also friendly towards Greyhounds, Labradors, Beagles, and English Sheepdogs.

You may want to avoid scheduling playdates between your Frenchie and other herding dogs like Australian Shepherds. It is also best to avoid Pitbulls. These breeds may overwhelm the Frenchie. Further, Border Collies may find it difficult to get along with your Frenchie.


Your Frenchie May Not Be the Aggressive Dog

While socializing, if your Frenchie is overwhelmed or uncomfortable, it may not always be your pooch’s behavior in question. Frenchies are largely friendly dogs, but other dogs may not reciprocate their advances. Some dogs may behave indifferently towards your Frenchie. Most Frenchies will turn away if this happens. However, some may continue playing with the other dog. The situation may get ugly if the other dog responds aggressively to Frenchie’s request to play.

Further, other dogs may avoid Frenchie pooches due to their facial expression. French Bulldogs do not have a variety of facial expressions. Other dogs may read a friendly Frenchie’s expression as aggressive and may react in hostile ways. Hence, it is important to read the other pooch’s reaction and not only your Frenchie’s.


Summing It Up

It may be important for you to know if your Frenchie will get along with other dogs. Friendly Frenchie pooches can be introduced to other pets in your family and friends circle. They can also help you meet new people through doggie playdates. This is possible only if your Frenchie is friendly towards other dogs. If socialized properly, most French Bulldogs get along very well with other dogs and will have great social skills.




Can my presence affect my Frenchie’s social behavior?

Yes, dogs can sense stress in humans. If your Frenchie gets along with other dogs, do not fuss too much. This can make them sensitive to your mood and trigger them. Simply let them enjoy their playdate.

Why does my Frenchie get along with some dogs but not others?

Your Frenchie will have their own preferences when it comes to other doggie friends. Your Frenchie may not get along with a doggo during the socialization process. The key is to keep trying with other dogs.

I am scared to take my Frenchie off-leash while socializing. What can I do?

Pulling on a leash can be stressful for your Frenchie, and they may be calmer playing without it. However, if you are scared, you can attach the leash to your Frenchie’s collar and let go of it during play. You can always grab it if there’s a mishap.





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