Do French Bulldogs Have Health Issues?

What You Need To Know About French Bulldogs Health

Frenchies are blatant for their towering list of genetic health issues. Frenchies have a weakened immune system, which makes them exposed to a whole lot of healthcare problems.

These ‘flat’ faced pooches constantly showcase breathing difficulties, which is normal for this breed. The average life expectancy for Frenchies is somewhere between 10-12 years.

You must be well-versed with the most common health irregularities Frenchies face to ensure their good health. Frenchies, who are popularly known to be lazy and have inadequate physical activity get obese in a short period. This can pose a threat to the overall health of the pooch. Therefore keep a check on their food habits and maintain a routine for short walks.

Most Common Health Issues Faced By French Bulldogs

There are some common health issues that every Frenchie can catch hold of at any point in their life. Though there are several other serious health conditions Frenchies can have, but they are quite rare in nature.


Just like humans, these doggos can also catch allergies. It is a very common disease; therefore, Frenchies are susceptible to a high risk of developing an allergy. Even the slightest of foreign agents entering into their system can cause food allergies. Other types of allergies that they can contract are seasonal allergies, drug allergies & environmental allergies.

Symptoms like increased scratching, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, constant licking, etc. are indicating that pooch is down with an allergy. Itchy ears and red, moist skin also conveys that they might have developed an allergy.

Keep your pooch away from environmental allergens like dust, weed pollens, fleas, feathers. Take care of them when you are using items like perfumes, cleaning products, fabrics as these can trigger an allergy in Frenchies.


Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a skeletal disorder which develops if the ball and socket joint of the hip is formed incorrectly. It is essential to treat him urgently; otherwise, it might result in limitations in activity and risk of developing hip arthritis. You can figure out if your Frenchie possibly is facing hip dysplasia by noting down some common symptoms.

If your pooch is comparatively inactive, unable to climb stairs, facing difficulty in standing, it may be of dysplasia. Hip dysplasia in Frenchies can develop due to two reasons, it can be through genetic disorders or environmental factors. In some pooches, genetic inclination results in hip looseness that may fasten the rate of development of the disorder.

Their slothful nature, which causes obesity & excessive growth, can be one of the many reasons for developing hip dysplasia. Monitor the nutritional factors and physical activity, as these can be contributing factors to dysplasia.



Those charming eyes can go through a troublesome time. A Frenchies healthcare routine should involve cleaning the eyes which lay somewhere between their little squashed faces.

Commonly known as pink eye, conjunctivitis is a common disorder among Frenchies. Conjunctivitis is the condition that causes inflammation of the tissue covering the frontal part of the eyeball.

Bloodshot, red eyes are the first changes if Frenchie has conjunctivitis. Other signs may be swollen eyelids, squinting, and discharge from the eye. The vet will carry out a complete eye examination to determine more serious effects. Apart from conjunctivitis, Frenchies also are prone to rare diseases like corneal ulceration, entropion, and cherry eye.


Heat Stress

If you find your Frenchie lying flat inside your refrigerator, don’t be shocked, he is probably going through heat stress. Their smushed faces are the prime cause behind the heat stress faced by these pooches. Due to this, they face difficulties during breathing and also regulating the temperature of their body.

If you are living in a humid or tropical climate area, taking extra precautions is important. Heat stress that is left unaddressed can lead to heatstroke. There are not any environmental causes that trigger heat stress in Frenchies. Though taking the doggo for a walk during early hours or leaving them in a car and prolonged exposure to a hot climate can worsen their condition. The common symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, panting, etc.

How To Ensure Good Health Of French Bulldogs

A Frenchie demands your affection, time, and also a great extent of pampering and healthcare. To keep your furball in good health, you need to make a healthy routine and train the pooch accordingly. Always follow routine check-ups with your vet. Even if your doggo feels up and bright, something might be troubling him on the inside.


Nutrition & Healthcare

The food that is Frenchie eats and consumes showcases great results in his health. There are various dietary options you need to understand for your Frenchie. Refrain from giving any kind of nuts until it’s made into a paste.

Fruits and veggies like avocado, grapes, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, etc. should not be fed. However, bananas & apples can be a good source of nutrition for them.

All pooches may run at the sight of soap and water, but skipping baths is a big no. Bathing will also help you to reduce any heat stress experienced by the doggo. As mentioned earlier, get him out of his abode and take him for a short walk. Obesity is one of the leading causes your pooch can fall sick.

Lastly, a happy pooch is a healthy pooch. Indulge in some playtime with your companion. Pooches love to go around, make sure you are taking your pooch wherever you go. Time-to-time pamper your Frenchies with his favorite snacks.


Summing Up

Though Frenchies may come with a considerable amount of healthcare issues, they are lovely pets that brighten your surroundings. With a little research and reading, you can take good care of them and maintain good health. It is imperative to know that healthcare for Frenchies can cost you an overwhelming sum.

So when it comes to Frenchies, it is a wise decision to invest in pet insurance. This way, you know that you have your pooch covered.

Keeping your pooch fit might sound like a tedious job, but once you understand, you will do great. So Involve yourself in communities who own Frenchies too, this way, you will be able to know a lot more.



Do French bulldogs fall sick often?

No, French bulldogs might have a weak immune system. They do not fall sick so often. If you are taking good care and providing optimum care and nutrition, the pooch will be as healthy as a horse.


Is it safe to treat common healthcare issues of French bulldogs at home?

It is not advisable to cater to any kind of health issues faced by your Frenchie at home. If you are a novice or a long time pet parent, you can make mistakes that can worsen their condition. Also, do not give any kind of medicines or drug that is not prescribed by the vet.


What kind of physical activity should my French bulldog indulge in?

Make it a target to take your Frenchie for at least 15 minutes every day. Few rounds of play ball will also help in keeping them fit. Please note that not all Frenchies can swim, so refrain from any pool sessions.








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