Do French Bulldogs Shed?

What You Need To Know About French Bulldogs Shedding Habits

We all love to cuddle with our pooches, but finding hairs all over can be annoying. Thankfully, cute Frenchies do not shed as much as other dogs. It also depends upon genetic conditions. The coat color also plays an important in their shedding. Frenchies are famous for their smooth, shiny yet small coats.

Frenchies may experience slight shedding at times. However, they aren’t the heaviest shedding dogs. This does not mean that Frenchies do not require grooming regularly. Keeping them clean and spotless is what will stop them from shedding.

What Causes French Bulldogs To Shed?

These small gremlins can cause you more problems than you can think of.  Shedding is said to be a natural process where the pooches get rid of their old or damaged hairs. There are several reasons why your pooch is shedding. Some reasons may be casual, while others can be alarming.


Your Frenchie is no less than a human; he experiences stress just like us. Of course, they do not break out like but rather shed if they are experiencing stress. This is known as stress shedding. You can prevent your pooch from stress shedding by making them comfortable or putting a cloth over them.


Poor Nutrition

Poor nutrition is one of the many reasons why most Frenchies experience shedding. If you are not providing your pooch with nutrition, they will start shedding. This is not a good sign as it depicts the overall health of your pooch.


Coat Blowing

Coat blowing is a natural process whereby pooches shed their existing coats to adapt to temperature change. During winter, doggos develop thicker coats to keep themselves warm. Similarly, in summer, they need a lighter coat to cool themselves. Frenchies shed twice a year i.e., spring and fall.

What if French Bulldogs Shed Excessively?

Frenchies are not the ones who will experience heavy shedding. So if your pooch has been lately shedding more than normal, he needs a vet. The reason for excessive shedding can be serious health issues to inadequate nutrition and genetics.

It might happen that due to any medication, the pooch might be having this issue. Allergies, yeast infections,  bacterial infection can also cause shedding. Frenchies may also face sunburn, which results in excessive shedding.

Other factors like hormonal imbalance and pest bites can also be underlying reasons.  Pay attention to the products you are using on the Frenchie. Sometimes they have ill-effects on the skin of your pooch.

Look for signs of excessive shedding in your Frenchie. If the pooches skin is irritated and he is scratching more, it may be because he is shedding more than normal. Check the hair of your pooch for symptoms.  If the coat looks thinner, there are bald spots, and the hair appears to be dry, it may be shedding excessively.


Dealing with French Bulldog Shedding

If you’re tired of finding your Frenchie’s hair all over the place, we’ve listed some ways you can control them. It is not possible to completely stop shedding, but you can decrease it. Note that you will not observe changes for a short while.

You need to indulge in taking good care of your pup to see results. It is necessary to deal with them so that pooches have a healthy coat and not shed around your home.

Brushing Them Up

All pooch owners should brush their pets regardless of or thick or thin coat. You won’t have any problem with matting since Frenchies have short coats. Visit your nearest pet grooming store and grab a soft brush for your Frenchie.

You must brush your Frenchie once a week. Since they thin coats once a week is enough.  Be careful while brushing as you can scratch them or injure the skin. During the time the pooch is shedding, brush him twice a week. This will help your pooch to get rid of extra hair.


Bathing Them Regularly

Your pooch should have a habit of taking a bath regularly. Bathing regularly helps the pooch to manage the shedding. Frenchies should bath in every three months. If you Frenchie is fond of playing outdoor and gets dirty often, you can bathe him as needed.

It is advised not to bathe them often. Too many baths will strip the skin of the pooch of its natural oils. These natural oils keep their skin healthy and nourished.


Using Good Products

We should always adhere to use specific dog shampoos on our pooch. Low quality or human shampoos can deteriorate the skin of your pooch. Some shampoos consist of chemicals that are harsh on the skin of doggos.

Keep in mind that Frenchies have very sensitive skin. Some stores even have a stock of natural shampoo, which is harmless. Good quality shampoos will ensure that the hairs are clean and nourished well.


Providing Nutrition

This is the main factor that you need to consider if you are trying to control your pooches shedding. Feed him food rich in fatty acids. Include omega-6 and omega-3 rich food in your Frenchies diet. Pork and poultry fat can increase fatty acids in their body. Fatty acids help their hair to glaze.

Try building his immunity through fruits which have antioxidants. Feed him strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries to ensure he is receiving the diet that he needs.


Increasing Water Intake

Most importantly, In a few pooches, dehydration can be a cause of shedding. Ensure that your doggo is consuming clean and freshwater will bring shedding under control. If your pooch doesn’t like drinking up, be sure to include moist foods into their diet.


To Sum Up

To keep your pooch healthy, you need to take care of him inside and outside both. Owning a breed like French bulldog demands a lot of attention. These pooches need to be nourished a baby. So grab some nice tools and brushes and give them a grooming session. If you feel shedding is going beyond control, you can make an appointment to the vet.

Your four-legged friend keeps leaving hairy trails behind, which is just one the maddening perks of living with them. Given that they receive good care, they won’t be leaving much hair on your couch, beds, and clothes.



How much do French bulldogs shed?

All Frenchies have varied shedding habits. Some pooches may shed more than the other. Several Frenchie owners say that their pooch sheds excessively while some experience a very slight amount of shedding. It depends on the pooch and his habits, whether he sheds heavily or not.


Does shaving French bulldog hair reduce shedding?

Several vets and pet groomers suggest that you should have your French bulldog go through trimming and shaving. This will get rid of the loose hair. If you are looking to shave to control shedding, it will not affect the shed much.


If a French bulldog is shedding excessively, can supplements be used?

It is not advised to use any supplements without vets’ permission. You can get hold of omega-6 and omega-3 supplements if your vet analyses that your pooch has malnutrition. Yes, these supplements, if consumed upon a vet’s suggestion, can largely control shedding.



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