French Bulldog Growth Chart

Why you should know how big your French Bulldog will get

The French Bulldog is an endearing breed of dogs that can brighten up your home. They are charming and extremely easy to get along with. However, before getting a new pet, you need to know everything about them.

Growth charts are a great tool to help you decide whether a specific breed is a perfect fit for you. Besides, there are many other advantages of having a growth chart for your dog too.

So, continue reading to find out what they are and why you need a growth chart!

·        Figure out if you can sustain them

French Bulldogs are a particularly small breed. They look adorable as puppies and even cuter as adults. However, they are not the smallest dogs out there.

French Bulldogs need their space, and you need to have a home big enough for them. They are very playful as pups and adults, so having enough room for their shenanigans is a must.

It will become easier for you to approximate if your house is big enough for them if you have a growth chart around!

·        Food and nutrition

As your pet French Bulldog grows up, its nutritional requirements will change. You need a growth chart to know exactly which stage of life your pet is in so you can cater to his needs.

Young French Bulldog puppies are energetic. They need a good diet to sustain their energy throughout the day. However, these puppies grow fast.

If you want to ensure your pet is healthy, you will constantly need to update its dietary needs as he grows. Naturally, your French Bulldog puppy will consume more food while growing up.

You will also need to switch to adult dog food from puppy food when they hit puberty and mature! All this is only possible if you have a growth chart handy.

·        Helps you understand them better

You will also notice a lot of behavioral changes in your pet French Bulldog as he or she grows up. It is important to know what stage of life your Frenchie is at so you can understand their actions. Your pets go through a lot of changes in their bodies when they are growing up.

You might think your pup is acting strange, but most of it is completely normal. However, you must know about them so you can be there for them.

Even as puppies, French Bulldogs are an extremely friendly and adorable breed of dogs. You will never find a Frenchie barking away at odd hours into the night.

They rarely ever create a ruckus and get along with all the other pets in your house. However, if you don’t know what they need, you will never be able to entertain them successfully.

·        Know when your Frenchie hits puberty

Finally, it is important to keep a growth chart close to you for your French Bulldog, so that you know when they hit puberty. Your beloved pet will begin exhibiting strange mannerisms around this time.

The best way to make these hormonal changes easier for your pet is to know exactly what’s coming your way. If you have a growth chart around, they won’t hit you out of anywhere, and you will be prepared.

Growth rate and average height and weight of adult French bulldogs

French Bulldogs are some of the most well-mannered yet fierce dogs you can have as pets. They make very diligent watchdogs irrespective of their small size. If you are planning to get yourself a Frenchie, then you should also know how big he or she will get eventually!

A Frenchie begins to grow up in his 9th month. He will be mature around 24 months and will stop growing at this point. The approximate height and weight of the adult French Bulldog can vary. However, having a rudimental idea of their average age could be of great help to you as a pet owner.

Here is the average weight and height of both male and female adult French Bulldogs to give you a general idea.

Adult French Bulldog female:

  • Height: Ranges between 11” to 13”
  • Weight: 16 to 24 lbs.

Adult French Bulldog male:

  • Height: 11” to 13”
  • Weight: 20 to 28 lbs.

A great way to estimate how much your dog will eventually weigh is by doubling up his or her weight at 4 months of age!


Handy growth chart for French Bulldog owners

Now that you know what average adult French Bulldogs should be like, you should also know their general growth process.  These small dogs grow in size in the blink of an eye! If you want to keep up with them, your best bet is to follow a growth chart diligently.

As mentioned earlier, these charts have numerous benefits that can help you and your Frenchie live peacefully. Here is a growth chart for the average French Bulldog right from puppyhood to adulthood.

Make sure you estimate the slight difference in weight between male and female dogs as they grow beforehand!

  • 1 week: Weight is 1.2 – 2.2 lbs.
  • 4 weeks: Weight is 2.0 – 4.2 lbs.
  • 8 weeks: Weight is 5.0 – 6.9 lbs.
  • 12 weeks: Weight is 6.2 – 9 lbs.
  • 16 weeks: Weight is 9 – 12 lbs.
  • 18 weeks: Weight is 12 – 15 lbs.
  • 22 weeks: Weight is 13 – 16 lbs.
  • 26 weeks: Weight is 16 – 18 lbs.
  • Adult (24 months): Weight is 23 – 28 lbs.


Factors that affect the growth of French Bulldogs

Usually, a Frenchie’s growth depends on her genetics. Her weight and height are determined by the weight and height of her parents. This is especially true when it comes to purebred French Bulldogs. However, this is not always the case.

Many external factors also play an important role in influencing the height and weight of French Bulldogs. Nursing in the first couple of weeks of life is the make or break factor for French bulldogs.

Puppies who nurse more are healthier than the ones who don’t. Similarly, puppies who eat enough nutritious food get bigger and remain healthy.

On the contrary, if you end up overfeeding your puppy, he will be obese. Obesity attracts a lot of other health complications and must be avoided at all costs!


Litter sizes

Small dogs generally have very small litter sizes. This is because their bodies do not have enough space to accommodate a lot of puppies. French Bulldogs are a breed of small dogs that do not have enormous litters.

Contrary to popular belief, the litter size does not affect the growth rate of the puppies. All size litters are going to thrive as long as the mother can handle it!


In conclusion

Don’t be too worried if your puppy is not growing as much as he should. All animals are different, and these numbers are just an approximation.

A few tweaks here and there are nothing to be concerned about. However, it is always advised to visit a vet in case of any health-related problems. A doctor will provide you with all the right knowledge regarding your little Frenchie!

All you need to do is make sure you keep your pet entertained and allow them to have an active lifestyle. As long as you make sure your puppy is well-fed and gets enough exercise, he will grow just fine.


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