How Long Are French Bulldogs Pregnant For?

How Long Are French Bulldogs Pregnant For?

The pregnancy period of French Bulldogs sustains between 58-68 days generally, where on average, the pregnancy period stands for 63 days. French Bulldogs bred like any other dogs, and eventually, they become most serious during their pregnancy time and care themselves utmost. Today science brought an excellent breeding process to deliver a healthy baby by female dogs.

French Bulldogs Pregnancy Chart

The specialists divided the pregnancy period of French Bulldogs weekly, which depends upon their activities during pregnancy time.  It also helps to measure and record their weekly behaviors as the delivery time comes near.

1st Week (Day 1 -7)

The female Bulldogs follow normal diet charts and takes foods as usual and generally behave after successfully fertilized in the first seven days.

2nd Week (Day 7 -14)

In this period, the breeding cells of female Bulldogs are developed; the embryos move throughout the uterus.

3rd Week (Day 14 -21)

The baby Bulldog develops in this period and generally forms 1 cm length, and there are no changes in the female Bulldog’s diet, and sometimes they eat more in this period. They should have a proper diet along with healthy foods and liquids.

4th Week (Day 21 -28)

In this period, the baby Bulldog develops more, and the belly of the female Bulldogs swells more. It is a very precarious time and needs to care extra and should control the heavy activities.

The baby Bulldogs become around 1.5 cm long and resemble in a dog form by growing facial areas. The belly of female Bulldogs swells more, and they intend to discharge. There is no need to change here a normal diet.

5th Week (Day 28 -35)

This period is the most valuable because the baby Bulldog develops more and becomes strong and form with feet and claws. The sex or genetic areas of baby Bulldogs are developed. The female Bulldogs gain their weight, and it is indeed their food that also helps to grow up the child Bulldog. It can easily detect how many babies are, thereby properly scanning their Fortis.

6th Week (Day 35 -42)

In this time period, the belly of the female Bulldogs becomes very large, and the color of their nipples changes rapidly. The female Bulldogs takes a huge amount of food as they are most hungry in this period. The color of baby Bulldogs is also changed quickly and formed in perfect dog shape.

7th Week (Day 42 -49)

In this time, the extra hair grows of female Bulldogs, and they prepare to give birth. They should have normal food with large quantities. The baby Bulldogs form into complete Bulldog shape. The female Bulldogs should have calcium in her food to become her baby more robust and strong.

8th Week (Day 49 -57)

This is the most important time as female Bulldogs prepare to deliver her baby, and their belly was swelled maximum, and they should refrain from heavy activities. The belly moves very rapidly indicates that the baby wants to come out.

9th Week (Day 57 -65)

It is the last stage of pregnancy, where female Bulldogs deliver the baby and become incredibly calm and quiet. The Magic moment comes when the baby comes out of the belly and tries to recognize the outer world and nature, and the mother helps to identify him with her; it is a beautiful moment in the animal kingdom.

How Do The French Bulldogs Become Pregnant?

The pregnancy depends on some technical parameters of female Bulldogs. It is a very critical process that includes timing, blood test, temperatures, etc. which is done by the breeding expert. Most of the time, the breeding procedure is done by artificially by pushing semen into female Bulldogs.

What Is The Duration Of Pregnancy Of Female Bulldogs?

The average pregnancy period of Female Bulldogs is between 58-65 days, where on average its stands for 63 days or 2 Months.

How Many Babies Can The French Bulldogs Give Birth?

The above picture elaborates on how many babies can be born together at a time. It depends on the size and growth of female Bulldogs. The rate of survival of baby dogs depends on proper food and milk.

Does C-Section Always Need For French Bulldogs?

The scientists surveyed, and they found that most of the French Bulldogs, approximately 80 percent deliver by C-Section only.  The reason behind this is the head of the baby becomes very large, and the hips are too small, and it isn’t easy to give birth through the birth canal. It can be dangerous for baby and mother dogs due to creating serious injury in the uterus. So, it always needs to deliver by C-Section only in most of the cases.


How Frequent The French Bulldogs Come Into Heat?

During the sexual maturity and breeding time, the French Bulldogs go and stay into heat very frequently.  Especially in the oestrus cycle, the French Bulldogs go into heat most as the oestrus cycle comes every after six months’ time varies from dogs’ species.

After two years, the French Bulldogs come into normal heat zone. Generally, French Bulldogs gain their sexual maturity with 5-6 months. Though they are young, not having a full growth stage, it becomes very risky during pregnancy.

What Are The Phases Of French Bulldogs’ Pregnancy?

The survey deducted the four critical phases of French Bulldogs’ Pregnancy.

  1. Proestrus: In this phase, the blood starts to discharge stays around nine days.
  2. Oestrus: This is a growing stage that stays around nine days approximately.
  3. Diestrus: This stage is the pregnancy stage; it stays around 63-65 days approximately.
  4. Anestrus: This is a recovery stage after pregnancy until the next oestrus cycle comes. It stays around six months approximately.


Do French Bulldogs Breed On their Own?

Unlike human beings, the French Bulldogs can breed on their own or sometimes not, depends upon their capacity and body content. They usually deliver by C-Section, but sometimes without the help of Male Bulldogs, they are not able to breed on their own. The scientist pushes semen into their uterus, but this artificially breeding can be dangerous sometimes.


It ultimately depends on the dog’s capacity and acceptance of the semen. So, it is better to breed them on their own as natural rules.



Final Thoughts

Before purchase any Female Bulldogs, we should research and gather huge knowledge about their breeding procedure and stages. Sometimes, giving too many babies can be harmful to their health, and it could be cause death also. So, we should be humble and responsible for those animals and take care as we care about human beings.

Most people think that the breeding and pregnancy process of dogs is quite natural, as human beings, whereas human beings’ pregnancy sometimes becomes critical. The incubation of French Bulldogs is not the easiest or natural thing; it is a bit different from other dogs species.

It requires proper research and implementation, especially in the case of artificial breeding, and it is really a very sensitive case. If there is a little mistake in judging the behavior of the dog, it could be a danger for the mother and child dog.


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