how many newfoundlanders died in beaumont hamel

how many newfoundlanders died in beaumont hamel

The Battle of Beaumont Hamel:

The Battle of Beaumont Hamel is one of the most pivotal and important battles in World War I. On November 13th, 1916, the British and French forces attempted to take Beaumont Hamel from the Germans. The battle was a complete disaster for the Allies, with over 4,000 casualties. The main reason for the Allied defeat was the fact that they did not properly understand the new German tactic of defensive warfare, which utilized heavily fortified positions and limited the number of troops that could be exposed to enemy fire at any one time.The Battle of Beaumont Hamel is significant not only because of its importance in World War I, but also because it was the first time that the new German tactic of defensive warfare was used. This tactic would go on to become the standard for German defensive strategy in World War II.

The Aftermath: :

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