How Much Do French Bulldogs Weigh?

What is the ideal weight of the French Bulldogs?

Depending upon the gender, the weight of the French Bulldog may vary from 18 pounds to 28 pounds. Female Frenchies weigh between 18 to 26 pounds, whereas the male Frenchies weigh between 20 to 28 pounds. Although the male French Bulldog remains on the heavier side, it also depends on genetics, diet, and lifestyle.

French furballs will steal your heart with their cuteness and uniqueness, they often undergo weight issues. So maintaining them into an ideal weight is a major concern of all the Frenchie owners. Frenchies can easily fall into bad habits, and eventually, they can either be obese or underweight. You need to be watchful for the habits and physical changes of your Frenchies so that their weight doesn’t become a matter of concern.

Here you can have complete detail of estimated weight for the Frenchies, both male and female.



                Age Group



             Male/ Female                    


0-1 Week


1.2 – 2.2 lbs


4 Week


2.0 – 4.2 lbs


8 Week



5.0 – 6.9 lbs


12 Week


6.9 – 9.0 lbs


16 Week


9.0 – 12 lbs


18 Week


12 – 15 lbs


22 Week


15-16 lbs


26 Week


16 – 18 lbs




23 – 28 lbs


How do I know if my French Bulldog is obese?

50% of the dogs in the world are overweight. Being overweight or obese for dogs is a problem because the weight gain brings a high risk of arthritis and other joint issues, and decreases life expectancy. Obesity in dogs is also linked with some dreadful diseases like cardiovascular and kidney disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and hypertension.

As soon as you encounter some physical changes that indicate obesity, you need to start taking extra care of your Frenchie. Here are some signs which will help you to determine if your French Bulldog is obese.


Heavy Breathing

French Bulldogs are active and playful dogs. If a little bit of activity makes your Frenchie tired and they breathe heavily, then it could be a sign. However, French Bulldogs are known to have occasional respiratory problems. If they breathe heavily while sitting or lying or just after walking at a normal pace, then it might be a symptom of weight gain. Before confirming the symptoms, consulting a vet will be a good idea.


Incapable of grooming itself properly

Licking the entire body is a part of personal hygiene in Frenchies. If your Frenchie is unable to reach the paws or back of their bum or certain other parts, then they definitely need a weight loss. Even if your lovely baby is struggling to scratch his ears, he might have gained weight.


Muscle Definition

Defined muscles is a trait of dogs. French bulldogs have a powerful appearance with a strong chest and visible muscles. If your Frenchie is turning round and starts looking like a roly-poly dog, then it is a clear sign.

Always be vigilant for defined hips and flat looking belly. Often check the ribcage area of your Frenchie. If you feel fatty flesh instead of ribs, it could be an indication of weight gain.

What makes your French Bulldog obese?

Spaying or Neutering

Spaying or neutering has a connection with a high risk of weight gain in Frenchies.


Eating lots of food and a poor lifestyle can make your dog gain weight as it happens with humans. Many of us are not even aware of this fact that dogs’ health is also dependent on calorie intake.

The calorie need of small Frenchies is between 185 and 370 per day. An adult dog weighing around 67-88 lbs need 1100-1700 calories per day for maintaining good health.

Not enough physical activities

Frenchies can easily put on weight if they are not active throughout the day. Ensuring 30-60 minutes of daily exercise or any physical activity will help your Frenchie to be in proper shape. It will be a great idea to ask your veterinarian for some fitness tips.


French bulldogs are susceptible to thyroid issues. This health condition might be responsible for weight gain. Symptoms of underactive thyroid in Frenchies include hair loss, reduced appetite, fever, fatigue, lethargy, and panting.


How to prevent your French Bulldog from Being Obese?

Raw food diet

Raw food is always a healthier choice for your Frenchie. Living and maintaining good health on raw food is in the genes of dogs. If you look at history, then you might think who gave them cooked or dog food 100 or 200 years ago when they were not domesticated? You can include fresh fruits, raw vegetables, and meat in the diet of your Frenchie.

Smaller meals over major meals

Switching to many smaller meals can be effective in losing weight for Frenchies. This step will be effective because, in French bulldogs, the blood sugar level remains more stable, so they are less likely to store excess calories.

Exercise and physical activities

Frenchies love to explore the great outdoors. This friendly and playful pooch wants new adventures now and then. You will feel their adrenaline rush if you take them to some new place for a walk.

In order to help your Frenchie to lose some weight, take them for a walk twice or thrice a day. It is best if you take them for a regular morning and evening walk. During days of summer, take them for a walk when there is minimum or no heat. During the winter seasons, dress them properly to save them from cold weather.


How do I know if my French Bulldog is underweight?

If your Frenchie does not seem to be in their best health, it is an alarming situation. Rapid weight loss or other conditions can make your cute baby look awful, and they can be in bad health. Look for these signs if you find your dog looks underweight.

  • Reduced appetite
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Lethargic all day or lack of energy
  • Dull coat or matte color coating
  • Reduction in muscle mass
  • Visible rib cage


What makes your French Bulldog underweight?


When your Frenchie is unable to consume the essential nutrients required for their body, then malnutrition develops. Malnutrition can be caused due to a lack of proper food intake or internal health issues. Even if your Frenchie is not eating enough food, it will make them undernourished.

Bad breath

Indeed, bad breath in Frenchie is related to weight loss, but it is not the cause, rather the symptom. The underlying condition for bad breath is diabetes and kidney disease.

If your Frenchie has diabetes, their breath may smell like nail polish remover. If your Frenchie’s breath smells like urine all the time, then they may have kidney disease.


Sometimes, nothing is wrong with the food intake, and there is no illness, and still, your Frenchie will suffer weight loss. This is because of the presence of parasite on the body of your Frenchie. A parasitic infestation prevents the body from absorbing vitamins and minerals from the food and therefore causes nutrition deficiency. If you observe nausea, swollen belly, weight loss, or diarrhea in your Frenchie, take them for a parasite checkup.


How to prevent your French Bulldog from Being underweight?

Regular health checkup

In case of bad breath or rapid weight loss, seek expert advice from your vet. If your French Bulldog is not eating properly, then also you need to visit the vet.

Feed them more

Keep an eye on your Frenchie if they do not eat food properly. Please give them the amount of food they require for proper growth and good health.


Summing up

You might like to cuddle and love your fluffy Frenchie, but maintaining a favorable weight is very important for them. A good weight condition will ensure overall good health, and this will allow them to have a longer life expectancy and healthy life.

Your cute little Frenchie can always be into optimal health if you ensure healthy eating and exercise for them. So, stay diligent with your Frenchies, and they will be in a good health condition.


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