how to get my frenchie to walk on a leash

how to get my frenchie to walk on a leash

Training your Frenchie to walk on a leash:

Leash training a Frenchie can be a bit of a challenge, but it’s definitely worth it! The key is to start early and be consistent.First, get your Frenchie used to wearing a collar. Start by putting the collar on him when he’s relaxed, and give him a treat. Then, slowly start adding a leash. Again, make sure to use treats to encourage him.When your Frenchie is comfortable with the collar and leash, begin taking him for walks. Start with very short walks, and gradually increase the distance. Always make sure to praise your Frenchie when he does well.It may take a while, but with patience and persistence, you can successfully leash train your Frenchie!

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