what happened to papillons friend

what happened to papillons friend

What happened to Papillon’s friend?

Papillon’s friend was killed by the warden.

How did Papillon feel about his friend’s disappearance?

Papillon was devastated when his friend disappeared. He felt like he had lost his only friend in the world. He spent months looking for him, but he never found him.

What did Papillon do to find his friend? :

Papillon employed a number of methods in order to find his friend. He first tried to track his friend’s scent, but was unsuccessful. He then looked for any clues that his friend may have left behind, but still had no luck. Finally, Papillon used his intuition to find his friend. After following his intuition, Papillon was able to reunite with his friend.

What happened to Papillon’s friend in the end?

Papillon’s friend was ultimately killed by the prison guards.

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