What Size Crate Should Be Used For French Bulldogs

Selecting The Right Size

There is a wide range of crates available for your Frenchies in the market, but it is crucial to find just the right one wherein they feel at home. Here are some strategies that come in handy for choosing a crate that fits your doggo’s needs well.

You would want a crate size that makes your Frenchie feel safe. It should neither be too cramped, nor should it offer too much space. Your pooch should have enough leg space and be able to turn around and sit without having to crouch. They should also be able to stretch their legs out comfortably without hitting the walls.

To provide your Frenchie with a sense of security, make sure the crate isn’t too big either, for it’ll deprive them of a feeling of security. Further, it’ll defy the purpose of using the crate as a training tool as they’ll use up one corner of the crate as a loo.

In order to select the right crate for your furry buddy, it is important to measure them correctly. Keep treats handy to ease up the process; we all know how much these pooches love tasty snacks!

Crate For An Adult Frenchie

The height and length of your doggo need to be measured. It isn’t necessary to measure the width. A simpler way of doing it is by making them stand against a wall and marking the wall with their measurements using a pencil or chalk. Later, using a measuring tape, the exact measurements can be extracted from these markings.

For precise measurements – make sure you measure from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail while measuring their length. In order to measure their height, measure from their paws to the tip of their ears. After all, your Frenchie needs some space for those perky ears too!

Remember to add a few inches so that your doggo can move freely, and you can add a few toys for your pooch to have a cuddly sleep (that is only if they manage to not shred the toy to pieces).


Crate For A Frenchie Pup

In order to measure your pup, you can employ the same method as stated above. Yet, to decide the right crate for your pup leaves you with two choices:

You can buy multiple crates (if your budget allows). Initially, don’t spend too much money on the crate as your Frenchie will grow fast, and the crate will end up becoming too small. Once your doggo reaches their adult size, you can invest in a more expensive crate.

Another option is buying a resizable crate that can be adjusted in accordance with your pooch’s current needs and is also light on your pocket.


Types Of Crates


Metal Wire Crate

It is by far the most popular option since they are durable, fold down flat, are mobile, well ventilated, and can be resized. They are easy to clean and are pretty affordable.


Foldable Soft Crate

They are very portable and can be folded with immense ease. Available in attractive designs, they are economical and made of soft fabric, making a comfortable space for your Frenchie.


Plastic Crate

They are incredibly popular as travel carriers. Being quite lightweight, these can be used to easily fly your pooch on vacations with you!


Making The Crate A Home For Your Frenchie

To make the crate a desirable space for your buddy, it is important to make them feel comfortable in it. By adding a crate pad or bed, which is fluffy and not easy-to-chew, it can be made more comfortable. If you have a puppy, adding a heating pad can also help in comforting them from the stress of being separated from their siblings.

Toys should also be placed inside so that your pooch doesn’t miss you too much when you’re gone (although we know they still will). A few chew-toys can also be kept as they calm your doggo. This will keep them busy when they’re alone, and once in a while, you can treat them with a few tasty snacks!

If you are not going to be around for a while, make sure to leave water near the crate as well. A regular food bowl can be left too but not for puppies as they need to relieve themselves frequently.

During the initial few days, leave the door of the crate open and allow them to go in and out according to their wish. Only once they are habituated to the crate, try shutting the door only for a few minutes and then opening them again. Stay in sight as your pooch would feel safer with their parent around!

Treats can be placed inside so that when they acquire it, you can praise them and try shutting the door. With time, increase the duration of their crate-time. Leaving them in the crate should also be practiced while you’re home so that they don’t think it is only when you leave them that they are supposed to be in the crate.

With a few training sessions, your pooch would develop a habit of staying in the crate. Afterall, Frenchies are smart flurry pets!

Benefits Of Owning A Crate


Offers Security

While traveling with your pooch, it is important to carry a crate, they ensure the safe transport of your doggo and protect them in crowded spaces.


Used As Training Tool

It’s an effective tool for potty-training your pup as they are born with a natural inclination to inhibit peeing in their den. They can be very helpful in fixing a poor toilet routine.


Protect Them During Injury Or Illness

This can be a safe-haven for your injured pooch by providing a space for recovery. By restricting their movements, they can heal from injuries sooner and get ready to join you for your evening walks!


Is It A Good Idea?

Finally, crate training can seem like an extremely difficult feat at first, but with some perseverance from both you and your Frenchie, it can be made into a safe space for your doggo. Being a doggo-parent, it is immensely important for you that your pooch feels happy, and by using treats and tricks, the crate can be made into a safe and positive space for your pooch.




Where can I buy crates?

Crates can be availed from both online and offline stores. Online stores like Amazon and Nappets can be browsed to select the crate of your choice.

What is an average crate size used for a Frenchie?

Typically an adult Frenchie would require a 30 inches crate, although the size can vary from 20 to 48 inches.

How long will it take to train my Frenchie for the crate?

There is no specific duration, it depends on the time your Frenchie takes to slowly adjust and get habituated to it. With regular training, approximately within 10-15 days, your pooch should get used to the crate.


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