when do border collies calm down

when do border collies calm down

When do Border Collies Calm Down?

Border Collies are renowned for their high energy and endless enthusiasm. They are always working and always playing. But even high energy dogs need down time. So when do Border Collies calm down?The answer to this question depends on the individual dog. Some Border Collies may calm down relatively early in the evening, while others may be active until late into the night. However, most Border Collies will eventually wind down and fall asleep.One factor that can influence how quickly a Border Collie calms down is how much exercise they get. A tired Border Collie is likely to be less active and more likely to fall asleep sooner. A good way to help a Border Collie calm down is to provide them with plenty of exercise and plenty of playtime.Another factor that can influence how quickly a Border Collie calms down is their temperament. Some Border Collies are naturally calmer than others. If your Border Collie is a bit more high


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