When do French Bulldogs stop growing?

Growth rate of Frenchies

The growth of a dog differs from one breed to another. It takes time, and certain natural, subservient elements that define their growing process, but then proper food and care are also one of those factors in dogs which decides their accurate growth at every stage.

French Bulldogs or adorably known as Frenchies, do have a different growth rate and are more likely to mature at a rapid pace. Owning these bundles of chubby joy is fun and amusing, at the same time, would require extra mindful vigilance.

General research and understanding says that if one owns a cute little Frenchie, they would observe their growth rate to halt when they reach approximately 12 months in their age.

There are chances that sometimes these little pooches may keep growing a little extra for the next six months after reaching 12 months of age. This is when they are appropriately grown but not necessarily complete in their muscular built.

The Various growing stages of a Frenchie

Due to rapid growth, the rate in Frenchies, they have a shorter life cycle and are tend to mature earlier than most dogs who are of the same size as these little furs are.

Even before owning these cute little Frenchie pups, pupils have queries regarding their growth cycle, which is necessary to know if one brings a Frenchie newborn puppy at their homes.

The male and female French bulldogs have a distinguished growth rate different from each other. A male Frenchie is more likely to grow 16 inches tall in height and weigh nominally around 50 pounds.

On the other hand, a chubby female Frenchie would weigh a little less than the male ones (40 pounds of weight and 14 inches tall in their height).

The above-mentioned figures are inclusive of the kind of diet you are providing them with that would determine from the very beginning your pup opens his eyes and start to explore the world outside their mother’s womb.


The Growing Stage

What does an adult Frenchie weigh like? What is their body mass when they are proper adult doggos? To understand all of these queries, their growing stages is a substantial piece of info one needs to have


The Beginning Stage (A Newborn Frenchie)

The newborn stage of the growing process determines an astonishing development in the size of these cute and beauteous creatures.

It is necessary to closely observe them and be mindful of their feeding habits while they are still surviving with their mother’s milk.

A healthy newborn Frenchie puppy will weigh 5 pounds if the sex is male and 4 pounds if it is a female pup. Keep in mind to give them their due sustenance and be gentle with their early growth stage.

4-8 Weeks of Growing Stage

This age of the transition would mean that your cute little furry baby is now more active and is turning more towards solid food. It would be best if you started feeding them with a good doggie food that will help in its nourishment even more.

It is believed that a Frenchie doggo at this stage would appear more muscular than an adult Frenchie who is chubbier and could end up obese if are kept more indoors on that comfy couch of yours.

Even though at four weeks of age, a Frenchie puppy would appear muscular, it seems lesser than what it would look like when gained enough mass as an adult. Your paw-some fur balls would appear more like a miniature bulldog at this stage.

9-12 Weeks of Growing Stage

This stage for a Frenchie pup is not only crucial in terms of their growing progress but also putting them into a habit of well-behaved and adjusted nature via proper training.

Frenchie doggies at this stage are prone to pee all over the place since they still are to go out and learn to adjust to the habits of peeing.

They are nervous and uptight, along with creating some mischief while going further away from their mamas. One must start leash training with them, along with taking them for a walk and instructing them with potty and loo.

Leash training and taking out for walks would keep in check their habit over peeing on the floor and, at the same time, help in overcoming their nervousness, thereby, help in the development of the muscles in their legs.

Remember, your doggo baby is just like a human baby, which remains nervous until you let them out and help them adjust to their outer surroundings.

3-6 Months of Age

Training a doggo is almost similar to teaching a human kid. In the end, both are social creatures who end being friendly if a proper development and growth process are maintained exceptionally.

At this stage, Frenchie little pooches have gained some muscle in their body and appear more like a bigger bulldog now.

Their physical and mental growth at this stage is more stubborn and willful as French bulldogs usually are in nature.

Set their boundaries straight and never give up on their whims. Do that with love and adoration so that it becomes easy to train them in the future as well.

6-18 Months of Age

This is the final stage of physical development for your furry companion. But remember, even though they are full-fledged grown-up and healthy bulldogs at this tenure, they would always require your emotional assistance and training.

Your little Frenchie might have grown up, but once in a while, making them socially acquainted with other pups and people around them are essential.

Keep their training in progress with new tips and tricks, which makes them mentally healthy and intelligent doggos.



What is the normal adult Muscle mass of a bulldog?

Although a Frenchie grows up to be a full-on strong and muscular bulldog at an early age than most small pups, they keep on developing for another six months of their age.

They would appear more expansive in their stance and bodily structure.


How fast is the growth of French Bulldogs?

Frenchie grows slower than English Bulldogs, but they survive a life span that is longer than English bulldogs comparatively.


What is the Right food for a Frenchie to help them Grow?

Frenchie doggos have a tendency to become obese if kept on puppy chow for a longer duration, which has protein to support the healthy development of your pup.

But it might cause health issues with a breed like French Bulldog who is prone to grab a more massive amount of food.

Try giving your fury pup medium-size meals in proportion so that they remain healthy but not fatty.




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