When will my French Bulldog calm down?

At What Age Do Frenchies Calm Down?

Ordinarily, the overabundant excitement of Frenchies shrinks over the period of time. Many French Bulldogs take up to 2-3 years to pacify, whereas some may take around 4-5 years of age to mellow down their hyper behavior.

French Bulldogs are the loving, comical, and adorable breed ever. Sometimes this tiny soul can come up with not so tiny actions, but eventually, they pace themselves.

The round the clock barks, jumping, running, tearing up things, getting themselves in trouble, and their unfaltering energy can turn unendurable if it stays for a longer duration.

Reasons for Frenchies being Hyperactive

French Bulldogs are just like a small child who throws tantrums if you don’t give what they actually. As the adult Frenchies are calm but juvenile ones are extra lively and peppy.

The foremost reason for a Furry to be Hyperactive is his unanswered mental, physical, and social needs. Much like humans, even the Furry friend has some needs to be fulfilled. The unfulfillment of those needs makes a tremendous impact on their behavior.

Here are some of the reasons for the hyperactive behavior of Frenchies:

Absence of Attention

Doggos love attention and so thus Frenchies. You must definitely be taking some time out to feed Frenchies and also take them for the brisk walk once a day. But are you giving them direct attention?

Frenchies love companionship. They love to be around their masters. They seek to spend the whole day with their masters. They crave timely attention & love.

Not getting the right attention will turn them dreary and can create great rumpus to let out their emotions.



Lack of Physical Activity

The absence of Physical Activities means a lot of unused and in-stored energies. Not introducing daily exercises or any physical tasks for Frenchies is not utilizing their energies in the right direction.

The energies get stored up in tiny souls to let out in the form of hyper behaviors. Not directing their energies in any physical activity will turn Frenchies more hyperactive.


No Right quality & Quantity of Food

The quality and quantity of meals have a direct impact on the doggos’ behavior. Feeding them low quality and inexpensive kibbles affect their moods. It is more like humans eating junk food and having ill-effects on mood and body.

If your furry friend goes berserk every time you serve them a meal, this indicates their tiny belly is hungry. Thus their fuss & ruckus, which is considered as hyperactivity, can be the normal behavior to let the master know that they want more kibbles.


Lack of Training

An untrained Frenchie will have a hyper reaction towards new situations or new people. Lack of training will make them create their own set of behavioral answers to any arising situation.

Training your Frenchie is the best way to alter their behavior and to teach them the right manners. Thus helping them to learn the right behavior gets a better understanding of the world.

But the good thing is your Furry Friend can be pacified with your time and efforts. Here are 9 best habits for your overactive Frenchies

6 Habits to Calm Down Your Furry Friend:


Engage in physical activities

Engaging your Frenchie in physical activities will help to work off their energy. Canines have playful exercises that make them happy and exercise.


Engage them in energy burner activities like tug and fetch. Dog Sports like lure coursing and agility will soar up the game level to exhaust even the herculean spirited doggos.


Give them your attention

Take some time out to give direct attention to your furry friend. Switch off the television, keep aside your phone and give them your full attention.

Talk to them. You will be amazed to see your Frenchie replying to your talks. Feed them. Take them out to have a good playtime. This not only calms their hyper behavior but also results in a more beautiful and stronger bond between you and your lovely Frenchie.


Give the Mental Stimuli

Engage your Frenchie in various tasks to get their brain work and create mental stimuli. Make them find things and teach new tricks like shake hands, roll over, play dead, etc.

You can also engage them with a toy. Choose the right toy to give the stimulation that your Frenchie needs. This will keep them entertained all day and will be out of any trouble.


Training your Frenchie

Training your doggo every day will calm them down gradually. One can also consider a professional trainer who understands canine behavior more accurately.

Professional training methods will communicate the right behavior that you want in them. A dog trainer can have an everlasting good impact on their habits and behavior.


Change the meal


Changing the food is proven to have a promising impact on doggos moody behavior. Get off from low-quality foods that have fillers, sugars, and byproducts.

Feed them natural and healthy food. Keep assessing the ingredients and can also consider a veterinarian’s recommendations for the right for the furballs.


Acknowledge right behavior

Acknowledge your doggo when they behave calmly and act appropriately. Reward them with a tap or their favorite food for their right acts.

This makes him understand that his particular actions get positive attention from the owner. Thus, the rewarding technique will make the doggo repeat the right behavior. These small rewards will surprisingly result in big rewards one day.



French Bulldogs are kind, compassionate, lovely, and immensely friendly. They are the wonderful tiny souls that will feel your heart with lots of love and positivity.

A puppy bulldog will be overactive, but as it gets into the adult phase, they will tame down their high spirit. They mellow down, not immediately but definitely at a gradual pace.

Just like anyone a French Bulldogs have some issues. So to help them to get out of this behavior is your responsibility. Remember, not to be too harsh on your doggo during this period as it can have an awful impact on them.

Be playful and kind to them. Teach them with full compassion. Shower them with your love to get a showering of their pawsome love.



Can a Hyperactive French Bulldog be trained?

Yes, you can train them by having short daily learning sessions. Be kind and gentle during training sessions.


Are there any standard exercises for French Bulldogs?

There are no universal exercises for doggos, but some of the best exercises are lure coursing, swimming, fetch, tug of war, etc.

How much time should I spend with my French Bulldog?

If you are an extremely busy daily routine, have a fixed duration of time to spend with your doggo. An interactive session of 30-45 minutes is best, or anything suits your daily routine.

How to respond to the hyper behavior of French Bulldog?

Ignoring hyper behavior will hint them that it was not a fruitful act to get your attention.

Are all French Bulldogs Hyperactive?

Not all french bulldogs hyperactive. The level of hyperactive behavior differs from every dog to every breed.

What does the French Bulldog Love?

The right food with lots of attention is all they need.



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