Why do French Bulldogs cry so much?

What makes Frenchies cry so much?

French bulldogs are one unique but cute dog breed, but when they start crying frequently, it starts bothering everyone. But staying irritated by the fact that Frenchies cries so much, it is better to understand the reason behind their pain and irritation.

Whining and squeaking is often considered as a sign of hunger or attention, but there’s a lot more to understand. Frenchies aren’t popular for active barking and are more of a couch potato. If your Frenchie is crying there’s something wrong with the environment.


Crying as a baby

The crying habit in baby French bulldogs is quite understandable as they are introduced in a new environment. Adjusting may take time and constant meeting and greeting with new faces can get your furry companion a little anxious.


Crying as an adult

Your fur ball is a grown guy now, but still, you witness him crying and whining most of the time, now this situation can get confusing as a first-time owner. But this breed of dogs is mentioned as a ‘needy type’, and sometimes it is considered normal if they cry.


Crying in old Frenchies

Your furry companion must have grown with you, so you must be aware of their discomfort and reasons for crying. But in case, this crying and whining have seen a sudden rise, then you need to check up on them, as they might be in pain or suffering from some kind of illness.

Reasons why French Bulldogs cry so much

There can be a plethora of reasons why your Frenchie cries so much, as, within the breed, different dogs have their personalities and needs. To get yourself out of this misery it’s better to understand the reasons or situations that make your fur ball go bananas!

They just want attention

Yes, it’s a common reason, every pet expects some kind of attention from their owners, and French bulldogs are no different. Frenchies need a little extra love from their owners, and within no time they learn to grab your attention by crying.

Boredom equals crying

If you have a habit of leaving your pet alone for quite a while, then you can expect some extra whining and squeaking from your adorable little guy. Spend some extra time with your pooches, and love them a little extra and see the result yourself.

They can be unwell or cold

Loving your pet means taking care of them, so check up on your furry companions. If your Frenchie is feeling unwell he will communicate with you by crying as they must be experiencing pain or feeling discomfort. As the size of Frenchies is small and very little fur is present on their body for protection from cold or hot weather, it may also lead to excessive whining.

Confusion and anxiousness

Owing a pet is a full-time job, and keeping up with your pet’s mental state is one task that requires expertise. They can experience separation anxiety after being separated from their mother and siblings.

French bulldogs are very routine bound dogs, and a slight change in the daily routine can get them anxious and confused. Any change of emotional experience is expressed by crying and whining.


How to stop your Frenchies from crying?

Most people may say that crying and whining in Frenchies is a common thing, well it can be in several cases. But if your Frenchie has started crying day in and day out, leaving you unsure of what exactly is wrong with them, then you need to learn a few things.

Set a routine

A baby Frenchie may cry continuously out of change in its environment and unknown faces, which can be considered normal. So in the initial phase start setting a routine for your doggo, so that it can be engaging and fun for them.

Just start from timely feeding, walking, and playing with them. They will love that and their crying frequency will start declining. Things to keep in mind while setting your pet’s routine:

  • Keep the feeding, walking, playing, and toilet time on the track, every day.
  • Clean the crate of your dog, make sure it is dry and fresh; place the crate in a comfortable area, and temperature set to moderate.
  • If possible allowing your Frenchie to sleep with another pet, can be really helpful.
  • Try not to scold or show harsh behavior with your Frenchie in the initial days of his arrival, or even after a few years; always remember you brought them home because you loved them.

Creating a comfortable environment

Frenchies have a very small stature and their coat is not very thick, which means they can feel too hot and cold, allowing them to cry and even scream for expressing their discomfort. Try to maintain a pleasant temperature for your furry companions and as they are known to be clingy; being surrounded with people will help with their crying pattern.

Visit a vet

If your Frenchie is still crying despite being in good care and routine, visiting a vet is another better option for the dog owners. Physical and internal pain is something that owners cannot see or feel even after having a great connection with their pets. Get a check-up of their eye ducts and allergies as it can be a severe reason for crying with tears.

Summing it up!

The French bulldogs are one friendly and loving breed, despite having a flaw; they are loved around the world. Just make sure that if you have welcomed a Frenchie in your world, you are going to put all possible efforts from your side.

Spending quality time with your Frenchie and surrounding them with a cheerful environment can be very helpful in reducing their anxiety and loneliness; this will reduce their crying and whining habits.

Making sure that your pet is mentally and physically healthy is your responsibility, so do it while having a great time with your four legged companions.



How do French bulldogs cry?

The frequency, sound, and pitch level of French bulldogs crying can be of various types like they will squeak with bird kind of noise when they are bored.

If they get hurt physically by stepping on the sharp object etc. their crying pitch is likely to be high, similar to a combination of screaming and crying. But if the Frenchies are suffering from chronic pain, they won’t be making any noise or sound.

Are French bulldogs clingy?

Yes, this fur ball is known for being attached to its owner. They are very jolly but also emotionally attached and needy.

Can crying be learned?

Yes, because not all the Frenchies in the world are born with expert crying talent. It is something that can be learned because it’s an instinctual behavior.

Can crying be a negative behavior?

Yes and no. Yes, because they can learn this habit for grabbing attention, from their owner. You need to observe and sometimes ignore their crying can help in dealing with the negative approach. And no, because they may have a genuine reason that needs to be taken care of.


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