Why Is My French Bulldog So Hyper?

How is their general behavior like?

Commitment to a pet dog needs a higher level of parenting.  As a puppy, your French bulldog needs utmost attention and concern. Frenchies are mostly hyperactive as puppies due to high energy or more attention.

Though Frenchies are lazy and don’t need much exercise, it is good to be in rhythm with their energy. Generally, they reflect their high energy with excitement or running and hopping around. Quite a few times, it might be destructive too.

More often, it is observed that whenever these dogs are pulled at leash, they protest. But with proper gesture and eye contact, you can calm your Frenchie comfortably. The tone of your voice also helps to calm them down, thereby easing your effort.

Can my Bulldog be destructive during high energy?

There might be times when your Frenchie is irritated by your behavior or as such, and it is important to know that they might be destructive. You might be a perfect teacher, but often their behavior changes due to such irritants. Acceptance or ignoring is one such reward to self in order to keep the duo’s relationship fun-loving.

Few known habits of Frenchies are chewing and biting when at hyper. When puppies, they seem to is more annoying, piling up most of the bad habits. This is one such phase where they test your limits and patience.

Frenchies who show over-hyper energy are frantic, have limited capacity to focus and follow up without much focus on medicine.  Your Frenchie could be hyper because of a blend of their qualities, preparing, and how well they were mingled.


What are some destructive behaviors of Frenchies?

Barking and howling

Most common behavior when Frenchies are agitated is barking unnecessarily and making sounds. Whatever be the reason, they keep jumping around and barking, unstopping until you make them calm down.

Biting and chewing

Another sign to indicate the annoying behavior is biting everything they get. Be it furniture, toys, or even you. Teeth start coming through a period of 2-3 weeks, and then twelve-week onwards adult teeth start growing. During this period, they can involve in chewing activities, but as they grow 8 months old, they must stop doing it.

Peeing anywhere

Until 8 months old furry partner will pee or poop at any place in your home. You should take the utmost care of them when young so as to give them proper training on where to pee and poop.

Eating own poop

This is a kind of destructive behavior found in Frenchies when they eat their own poop and then vomit it out. Unattended puppies do some random things when bored or agitated.


Running away from you to either chase something or getting away. Mostly happens when you pull them to leash or force them to walk back home from a park.

Things you can do with your hyper furry pet


The exercise for a French bulldog little dog is distinct with respect to that of a grown-up Frenchie. While grown-ups expect 15 to 20 minutes of lively strolls each day, the case is distinctive for French bulldog puppies.

The ideal method of exercising is to give it freedom at playing, which would add up to their growth. Socialization is another type of activity for little pooches since it is a great method of consuming that doggy vitality. It also helps in getting socially familiar with others, pets, and furthermore learning new social abilities.


Mental Stimulation

While your furballs are growing, make sure that you keep changing the toys and puzzles. There are several activities too that will aid in their mental strength. You can use puzzle toys or new challenges for recreational activities.

Finding new ways to motivate your furry-doggy keeps them occupied and also deviated its attention from being hyper. Discovering new things keeps them curious and playful when around. Toy cubes and treat-dispensing toys are some examples.


Healthy Diet

Getting huge treats for your flurry pet isn’t appealing, or even getting them none is helpful. The important thing to remember for our Frenchies is that proper nutrient is consumed by them. Inadequate supplements might also affect their behavioral patterns.


Syncing energy

This is the key to make a dog active and keeping them calm. Whenever they are excited or are playful around, make sure you engage in with some activities. Parenting your furry partner is as difficult as raising a kid.

If you are frustrated by their behavior of being hyper and backfire, the situation might get worse. Make sure that you are neither too aggressive nor too passive in their situation. Make eye contact, pat their back, and make them follow your assertions.


Cleaning and bathing

As a Frenchie owner, you must be equipped with the fact that they are usually high maintenance dogs. A couple of things important are that you wipe out their eye boogers with a wet tissue or napkin. Bathe them every day to avoid allergies and inflammation.

Cleaning their ears or cutting their nails from time to time is also vital for their health. This might be difficult as most flurry snaps while you do either of the above things. Don’t forget to offer them treats when you do so.



In severe cases of hyper energy or Hyper kinesis, you might have to consult a vet. Mostly they provide your Frenchie with effective amphetamine, which decreases agitation and hyper activeness. Or a better aid will be aromatherapy, which intends to relax the dogo.

Smelling something new, fresh, or even a meal would help them calm during one such aggressive mood. No doubt, you can make your furry friend obedient to yourself, but you never know what sparks their mood.

Bulldogs are playful, loving, and obedient dogs. They are often an ideal choice for families with kids. Even though hyper at times, they would be the same cuddly-little to you, provided you know how to calm them.




What is the instant thing to do when Frenchies are hyper?

Make eye contact, pat their back, assert them in a tone, and keep them close. Lure them with treats or leaving them free to socialize also helps.

Do they bite when at hyperkinesias?

No, they don’t bite. Though, there is very little chance of biting until you fireback them. Also, if you train them with enough attention, you might never encounter such things.

Are French Bulldogs mostly hyper in nature?

French Bulldogs are high vitality when they are wakeful so take advantage of the time in the day when they will be dozing.

Are hyperkinesias a symptom of health disorder?

Hyperactivity in dogs isn’t new. Though the regular pattern or complete change in behaviors might symbolize as one. Several health problems can appear as hyperactivity related to metabolic changes or other diseases.

How to prevent my Frenchie to be hyperactive?

Proper diet and regular exercise lead to a healthy mind. Also, recreational activities and playing with proper training adds to the avoiding list of being hyperactive.




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