how do you make a poodle skirt

how do you make a poodle skirt

Materials and tools you will need:

-Plywood-Circular saw-Ruler or tape measure-High-grit sandpaper-Stiles-Construction adhesive-Cordless drill-1 inch hole saw-Paint or a sealantNow that you have all of the necessary tools, you can begin constructing your project. First, you will need to cut the plywood to the desired size. You can use a circular saw for this, but be sure to measure and mark the plywood first so that you make accurate cuts. Once the plywood is cut to size, you can begin sanding it down to a smooth finish. Be sure to use high-grit sandpaper for this, as it will help to achieve a smooth surface.Now that the plywood is sanded, you can begin attaching the stiles. You can do this by using construction adhesive, and then drilling pilot holes into the stiles so that you can

The steps:

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