how long do string bean seeds take to grow

how long do string bean seeds take to grow


The process of germination is initiated by water penetrating the seed coat and activating the embryo. The activated embryo then begins to grow and produce new cells. These new cells divide and grow, forming the root system and the shoot system. The root system anchors the plant in the soil and absorbs water and nutrients from the soil. The shoot system grows upward and produces leaves, which convert sunlight into energy through photosynthesis.

Seedling growth:

The seedling growth process is an important part of the life cycle of a plant. It is the process by which a seed becomes a plant.The first step in the process is germination. This is when the seed absorbs water and begins to grow. The root system starts to form, and the seedling begins to take in nutrients from the soil.The second step is elongation. This is when the stem of the plant begins to grow. The seedling grows taller and stronger, and the roots continue to grow deeper into the soil.The third step is differentiation. This is when the plant begins to develop its different parts. The stem grows leaves, the roots grow into the soil, and the seedling becomes a plant.The fourth step is growth. This is when the plant continues to grow taller and stronger. The leaves get bigger, the stem gets thicker, and the roots grow even deeper into the soil.The fifth step

Maturation: :

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