how to train a french bulldog puppy to sit

how to train a french bulldog puppy to sit

Training your french bulldog puppy to sit

There are a few basic commands that every puppy needs to know and “sit” is one of them. Teaching your french bulldog puppy to sit is actually quite easy and can be accomplished in a few short steps.The first step is to get your puppy’s attention. You can do this by calling his name or by using a special word or sound that you have chosen to signal the command. Once you have your puppy’s attention, hold a treat close to his nose and slowly move it up and over his head. As the treat moves up, your puppy will naturally sit down in order to follow it with his nose. As soon as his bottom hits the floor, say “sit” and give him the treat.Repeat this process a few times a day until your puppy has mastered the “sit” command. Once he has, you can start using the command in different situations, such as when you’re taking him for a walk or when you want him to stay

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