what to look for when purchasing a rottweiler puppy

what to look for when purchasing a rottweiler puppy

What to look for when purchasing a rottweiler puppy

There are important things to look for when purchasing a rottweiler puppy. The first is to make sure that the puppy is healthy. The puppy’s coat should be shiny and free of parasites, and the eyes and nose should be clear. The puppy should also be active and playful.The breeder should also be reputable. The breeder should have a good reputation for breeding healthy puppies and should be willing to provide references. The breeder should also be willing to allow the puppy to be returned if it is not healthy.The breeder should also be knowledgeable about rottweilers. The breeder should be able to answer any questions about the breed and should be willing to provide information about the puppy’s parents.The price of the puppy should also be reasonable. The average price for a rottweiler puppy is around $500.

The breed

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