why are tibetan mastiffs so expensive

why are tibetan mastiffs so expensive

The history of Tibetan Mastiffs:

The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient breed of dog that is thought to have originated in Tibet and Nepal. These dogs were used by the Tibetan people for herding and guarding livestock. They are also thought to have been used as watchdogs and as guardians of the home and family. The Tibetan Mastiff is a large, sturdy dog that is known for its rugged good looks and its strong, independent personality.The Tibetan Mastiff was first introduced to the United States in the early 1970s. These dogs were used primarily as working dogs on ranches and farms. In the early 1990s, the Tibetan Mastiff began to be used as a show dog and it has since become a popular breed in the United States. The Tibetan Mastiff is currently the 34th most popular breed of dog in the United States.

The rarity of Tibetan Mastiffs:

The Tibetan Mastiff is a breed of dog that is considered to be one of the most rare dog breeds in the world. This is because there are not many of these dogs that are currently in existence, and the breed is not well known outside of Asia. In fact, there are only about 2,000 Tibetan Mastiffs that are currently living in the world.The Tibetan Mastiff is a large dog that can weigh anywhere from 100 to 180 pounds. They are typically black, brown, or red in color, and they have long, thick fur that keeps them warm in the cold climates of their native Tibet. These dogs are known for being loyal and protective of their owners, and they make good guard dogs.The Tibetan Mastiff is not a breed that is suitable for everyone, as they require a lot of space and exercise. They are not the best choice for people who live in apartments, and they are not recommended for first-time dog owners. However,

The qualities of a Tibetan Mastiff:

The Tibetan Mastiff is a large, heavy dog with a thick coat of fur. They are bred as working dogs, and are known for their strength, intelligence, and loyalty. They can be territorial and protective of their family and property, making them excellent guard dogs. They are also known for their calm temperament, making them good pets for families with children.The Tibetan Mastiff is a descendant of the ancient Mastiff breeds that were used by the armies of Genghis Khan and other warlords. They were used to guard the camps and caravans, and to protect the flocks from predators. They were also used in battle, where their size and strength gave them an advantage over the smaller, weaker dogs of their enemies.Today, the Tibetan Mastiff is used as a working dog in many parts of the world. They are also used as pets, and are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. They are a good choice for families that want a

Why are Tibetan Mastiffs so expensive? :

There are a few reasons that Tibetan Mastiffs are so expensive. They are considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, and they are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and strength. They are also bred for their luxurious coats, which can be black, brown, red, or white.Tibetan Mastiffs are also popular as guard dogs, and are known for their ability to protect their owners and property. They are sometimes used as working dogs in law enforcement and search and rescue, and because of their rarity, they can often fetch a high price on the black market.All of these factors together contribute to the high cost of Tibetan Mastiffs. They are a sought-after breed for those who want a loyal and protective pet, and they are also a status symbol for those who can afford to buy one.

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