why do dachshunds bark so much

why do dachshunds bark so much

Reasons why dachshunds bark:

There are many reasons why a dachshund might bark, but some of the most common reasons include:• They’re excited and happy ” When a dachshund sees their owner after a long absence, or when they’re playing with their favorite toy, they often bark in excitement.• They’re trying to get your attention ” If a dachshund wants something, such as food or to go outside, they may bark until you pay attention to them.• They’re trying to scare away a threat ” If a dachshund senses danger, they may bark in order to scare the threat away.• They’re feeling anxious or scared ” If a dachshund is feeling scared or anxious, they may bark as a way of trying to comfort themselves.

How to stop your dachshund from barking excessively: :

1. Start with basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, and down. As your dachshund masters these commands, you will be able to better control their behavior.2. If your dachshund is barking for attention, provide plenty of positive reinforcement when he or she is quiet. This could include treats, petting, or verbal praise.3. If your dachshund is barking out of excitement or fear, begin by teaching them to “speak” or “quiet” on cue. Once your dachshund is responding consistently, put them in situations (outside, during a car ride, etc.) where they are likely to bark and make sure only to give the cue to “speak” or “quiet” when they are actually barking.4. Be consistent with your commands and rewards, and remain patient while training your dachshund. Like with most things in life, success with this behavior modification will

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