Can French Bulldogs Be Left Alone

Should You Leave A French Bulldog Alone?

Frenchies love their owners and love sticking by their side even more! They are incredibly social, lovable, and loyal companions that are known to love being close with their families.

These small balls of fur do not do well if left alone for extended periods. They are known to constantly be at their owners’ side and love to follow them around. They can be left alone for short periods of time, but any longer than that and they will start to get worried and anxious. Some poor Frenchies are so bothered by being left alone that they even develop separation anxiety!

Leaving your furry companion alone for long periods may have them asking for more attention and being clingy when you do end up spending time with them. If you leave your Frenchie for too long, you might come home to some chewed up shoes and scratched furniture.

If you are going to be out of the house or busy most of the time, a French bulldog might not be the right pet for you. You will want to think about getting a breed of dog with a more independent attitude!


How Many Hours A French Bulldog Can Be Left Alone For

A Frenchie should not be left alone for more than 5 hours. 4-5 hours is usually the maximum amount of time they can tolerate being alone. This number is much smaller than other breeds of dogs, which is around 8-9 hours.

You may leave your Frenchie alone for this long if you have trained it, or if your pet is naturally more comfortable being alone. In French bulldogs, this is very rare, and most of these dogs won’t enjoy spending time alone.

The ideal owner for this type of breed will be someone who works at home or is around all day and can check in on them.


Why You Should Not Leave Your Frenchie Alone

While leaving your doggo alone for a few hours should not be a problem, leaving them alone for long periods can have some bad immediate and long-term effects.


It Can Cause Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is when a dog experiences extreme distress and displays behavioural problems when away from its owner. French Bulldogs are known to be prone to having separation anxiety, and it can easily be developed or triggered. This may be because they are smaller dogs and require more attention. They get very attached to their owners and can easily become distressed and agitated if they cannot find them.


It May Lead To Bad Or Harmful Behavior

French Bulldogs are not aggressive by nature, but they can be potentially harmful if they become extremely agitated.

If left alone for too long, they become aggressive and even destructive. They might go around breaking and damaging things, or peeing and defecating all around the house. They start exhibiting these bad behaviours because they see it as a way of getting some attention. The feeling of neglect makes them act out to get their owner’s attention and love back to them.

Frenchie’s also are prone to whining, barking, and howling loudly when distressed. If they feel like you are not being attentive enough, or are gone for long hours, they might bark for a long time. This can become a nuisance for others living around you and might cause you to get some complaints and stern warnings!

Your Frenchie may even do dangerous things while looking for you. They might go into unsafe spaces or places like swimming pools to look for their owners. Most of these dogs cannot swim, so roaming around near a pool can be very dangerous.


It Can Lead To Health Problems

Your furry companion can start to develop serious health problems if they are distressed about being left alone. Constant worry and stress can take a toll on a dog’s health- physical and mental. They might develop separation anxiety or another condition due to their bodies being under stress for so long.


It Might Result In An Attitude Change

Along with bad behaviours, a Frenchie might become more stubborn and aggressive with its owner. If they are left alone for too long, they might shun their owner and not listen to their commands.

If their owner is not around, and someone else ends up giving them the attention they want, they will immediately fall in love with that person instead. This could lead to them becoming more attached to another person other than their owner, who is not desirable.

How To Train Your French Bulldog To Be Alone

Dogs can be taught to be alone if they are trained from a young age. It might not work 100% of the time, but teaching your Frenchie how to be alone might lessen their distress significantly.

The training must be done when they are young. If you wait for too long to begin training, your pooch will take a longer time to adjust. Start with letting them be alone even when you are in the house. Put them in their crate or play area with a toy to help them associate this time with fun.

We know coming home to your furry friend can be the most exciting part of both of your days. This may be hard, but try to make hellos and goodbyes a casual affair. If you treat saying goodbye as a big deal, your Frenchie will likely feel the same.

Use treats when leaving the house so that your departure is associated with a good thing!

Engage in plenty of playtime and exercise, so that when it’s time for you to leave, your pup will be all tired out. They will most likely be in a calmer mood and rest or even go to sleep.

Do not encourage clingy or bad behaviour. Although you may feel guilty or sad when your Frenchie acts out, it’s important to reprimand them immediately so that this behaviour is discouraged.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I keep my French bulldog occupied when I leave them at home?

Make sure all items that bring your pooch comfort are close-by. Their bed, chew toys, and crate should all be made available. You should fill their crate or designated area with food, toys, and treats. Toys and puzzles that dispense food are great because they are designed to keep your Frenchie mentally stimulated and occupied.

You can also use dog sitters or dog walking services to take over and spend time with your dog while you’re out.


Can I leave my French bulldog alone at night?

If you spend time with your Frenchie during the day and provide them with plenty of exercises, you can probably get away with leaving them alone at night.

French bulldogs are not nocturnal, and they usually sleep through the night. This means you will be able to leave them alone and not worry until they wake up.


How do I know if my French bulldog has separation anxiety?

A symptom of separation anxiety is constant whining, howling, and crying. Another is destructive behaviour when left alone. You can also tell your furry companion is anxious is if they are restless and keep pacing around the house and if they scratch at windows and doors.

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