Are French Bulldogs Good With Cats?

Training your Frenchie before meeting a cat

French bulldogs are one of the friendliest breeds of dogs. Their ability to adjust almost instantly in any surroundings and with every creature is quite distinct. This is why, if you are planning to bring home a little kitten into your family, then you should not worry about your Frenchie terrorizing him/her. However, it does not mean that you can introduce a cat to your bulldog immediately.

For Frenchie owners, training your dog to behave well around a cat is somewhat easier than training other breeds. To begin with, you can place the other animal’s belonging in front of the dog and vice versa. This way, both animals will be able to identify and adapt to each other’s scents.

Even though you might have trained your pet with the basics, you can always re-train them. It will help them understand how to react in certain new settings that will develop once the cat arrives. Take them out on strolls and help them blend in with cats so that they do not feel threatened to see one in their homes. Also, be safe while doing so, because a lot of their behaviour will depend upon the kind of experiences they have with cats.

All of the above training should be given to the cat as well so that they can co-exist and eventually develop a bond without posing a threat to one another.

Introducing a French Bulldog to a cat for the first time

The first impression in their case is the last. So, for their first meeting to go perfectly, you need to look after a few important details. Firstly, make sure that both the dog and the cat are in a pleasant mood. Remember to feed them sufficiently and put them in comfortable surroundings.

Secondly, the place where you will introduce them to each other should be quiet. It helps them focus on the other’s presence and not be distracted by external forces.

Most importantly, there should be at least one other person during this meeting to be in charge of the cat. Also, remember to always keep your dog on a leash to prevent any mishaps.

Their first meeting should not be for more than 10 to 15 minutes. And with time, if you see them getting more comfortable, then you can slowly increase their time spent together.

A huge motivation to make your pets act obediently is to keep rewarding them for their positive and calm behaviour. As a result, once each of them sees how gentle and harmless they are, the chances of them bonding increases a lot!


Tips to help them live together peacefully

·        Positive reinforcement is the key

This is the best way to help them bond. By creating a positive, non-threatening environment for both your Frenchie and your cat, you can help them become more comfortable in your household. You may give them treats at the same time for good behaviour, and can also make them play together once you see them getting along a little.


·        Keep them away from each other while feeding them

Dogs are very protective and territorial when it comes to their meals. So, it is best to keep them separated from the cat for them to enjoy their meals. In this manner, they also learn to respect each other’s space while doing the things they love.


·        Always have someone supervising them

This is crucial, especially in the initial stages of their friendship. You cannot control the environment, but you can control the way they respond to any change. It is safe to say that you should never leave your Frenchie and cat alone under the same roof till you have complete faith in them.


·        Give them equal attention

All pets want from their owners is to feel loved and know that they are respected as much as any other member of the family. And when they see that you have extended the family with the addition of another pet, they often feel jealous and may even resort to violent behaviour.

So, you need to adore them and shower them with equal affection. Particularly during the early phases when they are trying to adjust to the new normal.


·        Notice any warning signals in their actions

Always keep an eye on any signs of trouble between them. Some signs could be aggressive behaviour by your French bulldog or a stressful looking cat.

These scenarios rarely occur when it comes to a Frenchie, but if it does, then you can keep them separated for a day and try to make them comfortable again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about French Bulldogs and their behaviour? Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions that can help you out.

1.     Are French bulldogs aggressive in nature?

A French Bulldog is like any other breed when it comes to aggression. So it is natural for them to act a little feisty from time to time. Even though they are extremely friendly and obedient, there are a few situations that can lead them to become extremely agitated.

  • When they are fearful of something
  • When they are in pain
  • Usually, male Frenchies tend to be more aggressive than females
  • While guarding your house or themselves in the wild
  • When they see someone with their toys

The most common reason for them to get angry will be if they have not been trained when they were puppies. Without getting proper guidance and positive reinforcement during their earliest stages of development, Frenchies tend to not understand how to respond to circumstances that are new to them. As a result, they resort to violent behaviour that could not only lead to some serious damage to the surrounding but might also harm them.


2.     Is a Frenchie easy to train?

Absolutely! French Bulldogs are one of the easiest to train amongst all the breeds. This is a happy and devoted breed. They are always glad to have their owner around and getting loads of attention from them. And all they require is consistency in their routine, and they can grasp anything that you teach them instantly! Frenchies are very intelligent and can accomplish basic as well as tough tasks with equal precision.

You can start by giving them the usual training of sit, stand, fetch, and many other such simple commands. Due to their obeying nature, they are likely to learn all the basic commands in no time. Therefore, you can teach them how to behave in more responsive environments much earlier than other dogs with ease.


3.     Are French bulldogs allergic to cats?

Yes, they can be. But it is a very rare scenario. Most dogs and cats have the same allergens, which is why they are not usually sensitive to one another. However, some French Bulldogs can be allergic to cats. A strong sign to show that your Frenchie is allergic would be constant and rough itching.

It has been observed that dogs that have allergy develop a defect in their skin. Thus, if your dog has been tested for an allergy because of a cat, you can get them treated immediately with immunotherapy. You should also vacuum and purify the air in your house and remove any cat hair that could be present on the floor and in the air.



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