Can French Bulldogs Fly

French Bulldogs like most other dogs can go on flights.  But there are a few things you’ll need to consider in order to be prepared.  You also have some options when flying with your French Bulldog those of which can be catered to your needs.  Some people like taking there dogs in the cabin with them whilst there are options for keeping your dog in the cargo area.

Are French Bulldogs Allowed On Flights?

Not all airlines allow French Bulldogs on-board. In the past, there have been several cases of French Bulldogs tragically dying in planes. As a result, airlines don’t want to risk ensuring safe travels for your pet.

However, some airlines do allow French Bulldogs to fly, along with certain restrictions. Before booking your flight, check whether the airlines allow French Bulldogs in specific.

Don’t forget to notify the airline that you’ll be carrying a pet on-board. An extra payment will be required for your pet, which acts as a ticket.  For foreign travels, your pet will also need a passport of its own.

Travelling can be difficult for certain pets, and French bulldogs are one of them. They suffer from a variety of health problems, which makes flying difficult. To ease up your pet’s traveling experience, keep the risks and precautions in mind.

Risks of flying with French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are at-risk pets on flights because they are brachycephalic dogs. Brachycephalic pets are a breed of dogs (or cats) with broader and flatter faces, such as pugs and chihuahuas. These dogs often suffer from breathing issues due to the structure of their respiratory systems.

Brachycephalic pets have higher rates of respiration and elevated heartrates. They breathe faster to intake enough oxygen. If they are unable to exhale or inhale properly, their anxiety may increase. Ultimately, their body may be unable to take prolonged pressure. In some cases, this can even lead to death.

Frenchies, like all brachycephalic dogs, are sensitive to stress and heat. So, travelling under such conditions can be especially harsh.

In general, flying is not easy for people or pets. The sudden change in the environment can be nerve-wrecking for sensitive animals. Fluctuations in altitude are also particularly distressing. That is why you should prepare some emergency measures in case your pet undergoes mid-flight panic.


Precautions to take when flying with Frenchies

When travelling with French Bulldogs, prevention is definitely better than cure.  Keep your pet’s requirements in mind while planning your travels.

1.     Cargo Vs. Cabin

You’ll have to choose how to take your pet along on the flight. Depending on the airlines, cargo travel for pets may or may not be allowed. However, cargo-travel is not recommended in any case. Especially for brachycephalic dogs, travelling in cargo can be doubly stressful. The heat, suffocation, and temperature fluctuations add to their breathing troubles.

It is much safer to take your French Bulldog with you in the cabin. This way, you can monitor their condition. The air pressure and temperature are also more suitable in the cabin area.

2.     Travel Specifics

Some airlines may not allow travel for pets during certain seasons. So schedule your flight to best suit your pet.

The time of day and the weather conditions can impact your French Bulldog’s health. Excess heat during noon, and especially in summers, poses a risk. If travelling in colder climates, carry blankets for your pet.

The duration of the flight and the total time of travel also need to be kept in mind. It’s best to keep your travel short. Multiple flights and long plane rides can tire your Frenchie out excessively.

3.     Health Check-ups

A health check-up is mandatory before a flight. Make sure the veterinarian clears your pet for air travel. Foreign travel may also require vaccinations and other medical precautions. Pets can only travel on planes after receiving a Certificate of Good Health ten days before the flight.

4.     Accommodation Period

Before travelling, your French Bulldog will require a period to accommodate flying conditions. Prepare your pet to adjust to these new conditions a few weeks before the actual flight. This means acquainting them with the pet-carrier and any medication/sedatives you might use on the flight. Don’t wait till the last minute to throw your pet into an unfamiliar situation.

5.     Stick to the Plan

After you have made a plan for safe travels, make sure to stick to it. Sometimes, flight attendants may ask you to place your French Bulldog in the overhead compartment, or even in cargo. These last-minute changes can have dire consequences. Your pet’s safety takes priority in any situation. So make sure to hold your ground and not compromise on your Frenchie’s health.

Last-minute changes to the plan can also exponentially increase your pet’s stress levels. Prepping for a flight is already a hectic experience. Additional charges, which may seem small, can heavily impact your pet’s mental and physical health.

Things You Need

There are a few items that are indispensable for safe travels with your pet. Having these at hand will keep both you and your pet satisfied on your flight.

1.     Pet Carrier

A pet carrier is an essential requirement for carrying your French Bulldog on flights. Ensure that your pet carrier follows airline regulations for size and weight. Most airlines mandate carriers that fit under your seat.

Airlines do not allow pets to travel without a carrier. The regulations may also differ from airline to airline.  Ensure that your Frenchie is comfortable in its carrier, well in advance. The more accustomed your pet is to its carrier, the less stress he will face while flying.

2.     Identity Tag

While travelling, your pet must have their identity tag on at all times. Losing an anxious pet during travel is any pet-owner’s worst nightmare. If lost, your pet is more likely to be found with their tag on.

3.     Comfort Items and Necessities

Be sure to carry any required medicine and/or health supplements. Food treats and comfort items such as toys and a pet-friendly first-aid kit are helpful additions to your on-board luggage. Having these items easily at hand may provide immediate relief to your Frenchie during flight anxiety.

4.     Pet Lavatories and Relief Areas

Last but not least, pet lavatories or relief areas should be on your radar. Know in advance where to take your pet when they have to do their business. This will prevent any messy situations during your travel.


To Sum Up

French Bulldogs are at-risk on flights and require special care. They can be taken on planes with necessary precautions. These precautions include both physical and emotional factors. So keep in mind what your pet’s needs are while planning any travelling. Being prepared in advance for emergencies can avert a major crisis during your flight!



1. Should I fly my Frenchie if he is overweight?

Frenchies may suffer from several health issues, obesity being one of them. If your pet is overweight, flying may pose a greater risk to its health. Before your flight, make sure your Frenchie is at an optimal weight.

Excess weight can heighten respiratory issues and make travel uncomfortable. Additionally, most airlines place weight restrictions for cabin travel.


2. Can French Bulldogs fly without sedation?

Sedation can be a subjective requirement for some Frenchies. If your French Bulldog needs to be sedated during car rides, they will surely require medication on plane rides. Be sure to ask your veterinarian in advance.  Do a test of the medications some days before your flight. If there are any side effects, you will have plenty of time to look into alternatives.


3. Do French Bulldogs get anxious while flying?

French Bulldogs are highly sensitive to anxiety in general. They also undergo anxiety if separated from their owners for long, or in unfamiliar circumstances. A plane is a stress-inducing environment for pets. Your Frenchie will not enjoy its travelling experience. However, you can make it smoother by taking the required steps.


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