Do French Bulldogs Like Water?

Do Frenchies have a good time around water?

The summer season may seem like the best time for you and your little buddy to cool down in the water! Unfortunately, it may not be the best course of action for your Frenchie. Even though Frenchies love playing around in the water, getting fully wet regularly may not always suit them.

They are not good swimmers either and cannot be left near water or pools unsupervised.

As you may already know, Frenchies are especially prone to overheating. Cool water is a good idea to help prevent this. Your smushy-faced friend would greatly appreciate some cool sprays.

Going for a swim is not the best idea to cool your Frenchie down when it gets incredibly hot, but there are other, safer ways to do so. First, take a look at why swimming is not the best water-related activity for your French Bulldog.

Why is swimming not safe for Frenchies?

Swimming is the ultimate go-to for many dog-lovers when it comes to scorching days and merciless heat. However, with a Frenchie, there are risks associated with it.

Dogs have an instinct to swim, and Frenchies are no exception. Despite this, their anatomy hinders them from being good swimmers and staying safe in the water.

These little potatoes are too small and too heavy for their size, and their rotund body makes it difficult to stay afloat. They are top-heavy, which can cause them to sink like a rock. That is a scary thought, indeed!

They are a brachycephalic breed, which means that they have smushed faces and short snouts. This means that Frenchies find it challenging to breathe while in water. They have extremely short necks, which makes them look adorable, but also lets them get submerged in water easily.

The stubby look of your Frenchie is undeniably endearing, but their little legs cannot produce enough force while swimming to help keep their body afloat.

It may be disappointing to know that you and your best pal cannot go for summer swims. That is not entirely the case! You can teach your Frenchie how to swim, but with a life vest. You must also give your undivided attention to your doggo while in the water.


Is getting wet regularly good for your Frenchie?

French Bulldogs absolutely love the water! Watching these little clowns splash around and get wet is also endearing. Even so, how healthy is it for your Frenchie to get entirely wet regularly?

While it is necessary to let your Frenchie cool down in the water when it gets too hot, there are certain things you must keep in mind.

Frenchies have a thick coat and skin, and they get cold relatively easily as well. Constant exposure to water can majorly reduce the natural oils in their skin, which is not healthy for their coat and skin condition in the long run.

To add to this, if moisture gets trapped between the folds of your Frenchie’s cute wrinkly skin, it can lead to infections. You must ensure that you properly dry down your Frenchie after your doggo gets wet, and check between the folds to look for any signs of irritation.

If you have a tiny French Bulldog puppy, then you must exercise even greater caution around water. Puppies’ body clocks and natural temperature regulation systems are not entirely developed. This can make them catch chills easily when they get wet.

Most Frenchies are playful little rascals and will not mind baths at all. You must bathe your pooch with lukewarm water, though. The best thing to do would be to consult with your vet to decide upon the most suitable bath schedule for your Frenchie.

The best water-related activities for your Frenchie

You know that your Frenchie friend’s little body is not made for swimming. Your doggo does need to cool down, though, so what water-related activities are safe?

Frenchies love water! Here are some ways your buddy can enjoy the water without being at risk. You must still supervise your doggo, though!

Kiddie pools

While it is not safe for your French Bulldog to take a dip in a full-sized pool, it is harmless for your dog to play around in a shallow kiddie pool. You can find lots of small-sized plastic pools and fill them up to your Frenchie’s chest level.

Water sprays

There are many water spray bottles available out there, and you can use them to spray your Frenchie with cool water. Some Frenchies may not like this and may bolt, though!


If you have a yard or a garden, you can let your Frenchie loose whenever you turn on the sprinklers. Your doggo is bound to have a good time in the wet grass and water on a hot day.

Pouring water on head and belly

On a hot day, you can slowly pour some mildly cool water on your Frenchie’s head and belly. You can do this to bring down the body temperature after walks. Couple this with running your fingers through your pooch’s fur for better exposure to air, and it will be the perfect recipe to cool down!

Supervised swimming

You can teach your Frenchie how to swim with special life vests and training. You should constantly keep an eye upon your doggo and never leave your Frenchie unaided. Lack of attention could prove to be dangerous and even fatal.


Keeping your Frenchie cool: Alternatives to water

When it gets unbearably hot, water may not always be the solution to keeping your French Bulldog cool. Here are some ways to keep your best pal cool:

  • Feed ice to your Frenchie
  • Place cold rags for your dog to lie on
  • Turn on the cold air conditioning
  • Make sure there is cold water in your Frenchie’s bowl
  • Invest in a cooling vest or collar


How much water should your Frenchie drink?

Staying hydrated is of utmost importance for any dog. You must make sure that your Frenchie has unrestricted access to cool, fresh water at all times, especially due to their extra need to remain cool.

It is best to keep track of how much water your Frenchie drinks. Too little water can cause health problems for your doggo, and the same goes for too much water. How much water should your Frenchie be drinking?

Ideally, adult Frenchies should be drinking one ounce of water for each pound of body weight. On average, a healthy male Frenchie weighs around 20-28 pounds, and a healthy female Frenchie weighs around 16-24 pounds.

Given these weights, the amount of water that your Frenchie needs to drink will come down to around 3-4 cups a day.

These requirements are different for French Bulldog puppies, who will drink more water than adults. Puppies may drink half a cup of water every few hours. You must pay attention to your puppy’s water intake, but do not worry if your tiny puppy drinks a lot of water since that is normal for growing dogs!

Frenchies can be sloppy little rascals while drinking water, so it may be a little hard to judge just how much water your dog is drinking.

If your doggo seems to be draining bowl after bowl of water, though, you must contact your vet. This is known as polydipsia and could be a sign of an underlying issue.

On the other end of the spectrum, if your Frenchie is not getting enough water, your pooch may suffer from dehydration. Signs of lack of water intake include a dry or cracked nose and pigmented gums.



French Bulldogs are pudgy little pooches who love splashing around in the water! However, their anatomy also causes them to face certain risks while wet. For instance, they are not suited to swimming, and the folds of their skin can retain moisture and cause infections.

This does not mean that you should keep your Frenchie away from water because cool water is crucial for your dog to stay safe from overheating. There are various alternatives to heavy water-related activities.

You must also always keep an eye on your furry friend whenever you are near water and contact your veterinarian if you notice any abnormalities.








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