How many puppies do French Bulldogs have?

French Bulldogs have tiny stature bodies and are known to have small litters. So, a common question which we all have is: How many puppies do French Bulldogs actually have?

Here is the answer; an average litter of a French bulldog or Frenchie has approximately three to five puppies, and the common litter size is two to four puppies. The larger litter size of five to seven puppies is possible, but the chances are extremely rare. All the litters are delivered mostly via Caesarean section.


The reason for the small litter size of our Furry companions or French Bulldogs

The French Bulldogs are brachycephalic breeds, which are generally known to have very small litters. These are a part of short-skulled breeds that have smaller bodies. The small stature is the reason for their small litter size. They do not have the capacity to carry a larger litter of puppies.

Thus, our furry companions with their compact bodies and narrow hips often carry fewer puppies. Small litter size is also beneficial for their bodies as it reduces the risk of complications. There can be health implications for puppies, in case the litter size of the female Frenchie is over three.

Factors affecting the litter size of Frenchies:

There are several factors that affect the litter size of French Bulldogs. Let us have a look into some of these factors:


The larger dog breeds like Golden Retrievers, German Shepherd, etc. have a larger litter of puppies as compared to smaller breeds like French Bulldogs. The reason for this difference is the size of the different breeds of dogs.  Even in the case of some breeds, the different sized dogs can have a different number of puppies in their litter.


Age is another important factor that has an important effect on the litter size of Frenchies. The ideal age to bear healthy litters is between two and five.

Health and Nutrition

Frenchies who are fed with healthy and nutritious food are more likely to carry a healthier and larger litter of puppies.


A broader gene pool always helps in the bearing of healthier litter of puppies.


All about Pregnancies of French Bulldogs

The pregnancy (i.e., period of conception to birth) of a French bulldog takes in approximately sixty-three days. The puppies are typically delivered through Caesarean section. The various stages involved in the pregnancy are summarized below:

  • Proestrus Stage: The stage involves nine days and is often referred to as the “getting ready” stage where blood can discharge.
  • Oestrus/Estrus: This is the mating stage and involves a period of nine days.
  • Diestrus: A stage of pregnancy consisting of sixty-three days.
  • Anestrus: This is the stage of recovery until the start of the next oestrus cycle. It can be for six-months.

Are Frenchies expensive to breed?

The breeding procedure of French bulldogs is considered to be an expensive investment. The breed often finds it difficult to mate naturally, due to their narrow hips. Therefore, Frenchie breeders use the technique of artificial insemination to induce pregnancy in female Frenchies. This is an expensive process.

Also, the delivery via cesarean section involves cost. Both these processes are responsible for raising the expense of breeding French bulldogs.


Considerations before making a Frenchie purchase from a breeder

A few considerations are always required before making the decision to purchase a French bulldog from a breeder. A few important ones are listed below:


  • Money Consideration: The initial purchase of Frenchie puppies involves a cost from $2,500 to $5,000. In addition to this purchase cost, additional money may be needed in case of any sudden medical issues. Also, another point to consider is regarding the purchase of a dog insurance plan, which again involves investment.
  • Finding the right breeder: Another important consideration while making the purchase should be regarding the finding of the right breeder. One should choose the breeder who truly cares about the welfare of the Frenchies. At the same time, the ones who are purely focused on making profits should be avoided.
  • Time Considerations: It is always good to assess whether you will have sufficient time to spend with your furry companion after bringing it home.
  • Necessary Permissions: The people who are renting their property must check that whether they are allowed to have a Frenchie or not.


The involved health and welfare concerns

The recent grown popularity of the French bulldogs has raised several welfare and health concerns for animal lovers and the general public as well. A number of breeders overlook the well-being of Frenchies and only focus on breeding maximum numbers in limited time. Such practices that compromise with the health of Frenchies need to be checked.

The breeders must avoid unscrupulous practices and carefully plan each litter to allow the female Frenchie enough time to recover.


To sum up

The French bulldogs are a part of brachycephalic breeds of dogs that generally don’t give birth to a large litter of puppies. The average litter size of the Frenchies is three to five puppies. A size of more than five, although possible, is very uncommon.

A larger litter of over three puppies may even lead to health implications. Therefore, smaller litter size is both beneficial for female Frenchies as well as the newly born little pooches.

It is due to the small litter size and high desirability that the Frenchies are one of the most expensive breeds to own. Their popularity in recent years has also led to an increase in improper breeding practices that play with the health and welfare of our furry companions.

It is high time for both breeders as well as the potential parent pets to consider the ethics of breeding of our favorite Frenchies.



How are many litters in a year healthy for a French bulldog?

The Frenchies or French bulldogs should not have more than one litter in a year. The female Frenchies generally deliver via C- section and hence, need time to recuperate and recover.

Do female Frenchies always need C- sections to deliver?

They mostly need it. Although not required always, it is the most common route adopted due to the large heads of the puppies and narrow hips of the female Frenchies.

How much time may it take for a French bulldog to develop regular heat patterns?

A French bulldog can take up to two years to develop regular heat patterns.

How many total healthy litters can a Female French bulldog have in its entire lifetime?

It is healthy for a Female Frenchie to have a total of four litters in its entire lifetime.

What is a brachycephalic breed of dogs?

A brachycephalic breed of dogs is characterized by a shortened head, flat face, and a short nose. Some of the common examples of the breed include French bulldogs, Pug, Boston terrier, Pekingese, etc.

What is the maximum number of puppies that a French bulldog can have?

A French bulldog can have a maximum of seven puppies. However, the possibility of the same is extremely rare.

What is the reason of the popularity of French bulldogs?

Some of the common reasons for the popularity of French bulldogs include its caring, versatile, and generous temperament. It adores family life and is also a very child- friendly furry companion of humans.


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