Do French Bulldogs Smell?           

 Are French Bulldogs prone to foul smell?

Although they spread positivity and are filled with enthusiasm, you cannot expect your Frenchie to smell like a meadow all day.

French Bulldogs are one of those breeds that are likely to reek a lot. This is not because they are naturally smelly, but because of the dirt that accumulates in their folds quite easily. As a result, they require regular cleaning in certain parts of their body to keep them healthy and smell fresh.

Though it may seem like a lot of work, once you learn how to manage the chores, it can be really easy for you to perform. Moreover, it will keep your dog away from unnecessary infections and the unpleasant smell.

What is the cause of the unpleasant Frenchie smell?

The most important role of raising a French Bulldog is to keep them clean at all times. If you do not engage your dog in regular bathes, then your Frenchie could end up with a very strong and nasty smell. Besides, it can potentially harm their well-being.

Essentially, four main French Bulldog body parts are prone to the foul smell.

1.     Facial Folds

Frenchie’s facial folds are one of its most distinct features. However, if not treated properly, they may become very smelly quite quickly. That is why the facial folds are the first thing that you should check when you sense an unpleasant smell.

If you own a Frenchie, then you must have seen them eat very fast and eventually end up choking. Understandably, this can become a very messy process. As a result of the fast-eating, your Frenchie can have leftovers stuck in the middle of their facial folds.

Therefore, you must clean your dog’s face after every meal. If you do not keep them clean daily, then it could lead to some very serious consequences.

On being neglected, your Frenchie’s facial folds may swell up and turn red and may even bleed excessively. And since they cannot communicate with us about their discomfort, they end up scratching themselves.

So, to avoid such a heartbreaking situation, most vets recommend a good quality, hygienic pet wipes to clean their folds easily.


2.      Ears

Although it does not affect all the French Bulldogs, ear infections can be a major reason for their bad smell. And similar to their facial folds, a Frenchie’s ears are also quick to smell.

This is usually caused due to a wax build-up in their ears if not cleaned regularly. Another reason for the foul smell will be if there is a lot of moisture collected within their ears. You may also observe certain symptoms such as yellow, red, or brown colored discharge from their ears or scratching excessively.

These problems could not only lead to the unpleasant smell of your Frenchie but also a painful ear infection.

Most often, we use earbuds to clean the dogs. However, this could end up hurting your dog more. So, if you want to protect your Frenchie’s ears from additional pain, it is better that you use medicated wipes to clean them frequently.

And if you notice any unusual behavior in them, then we suggest you visit a reputable vet for further diagnosis.


3.     Paws

French Bulldogs are no doubt one of the most hyperactive and playful breeds. Which is why their paws travel a lot of places and sometimes end up getting injured.

Moreover, Frenchies tend to lick their paws a lot during their cleaning routine or when their paws get injured. Due to this constant licking it can lead to more problems than good. And consequently, lead to an unpleasant smell spreading from their paws.

Now you cannot control your Frenchie from licking his or her paw all the time. However, you can get their paws treated with soft, non-itching materials. Additionally, you can help dry their paws fast after washing them with warm water.

Also, your Frenchie can suffer from a yeast infection in their paws. Therefore, symptoms like paw chewing, licking, flaky skin, red nail beds, swollen toes, and paws need to be addressed immediately. And to treat this infection, you must take your dog to a professional vet for proper guidance.


4.     Tail Pocket

As you might already know that most French Bulldogs have short tails. And due to their tail size, they have a tail pocket that is a bit difficult to clean. According to vets and experienced breeders, you must clean these tail pockets at least once or twice in a month. However, some Frenchies require cleaning a couple of times in a day.

If not kept clean for a long time, the tail pockets of your Frenchie can start smelling that could be very overpowering. You must make sure to keep this area clean of all the dirt and wipe them thoroughly with safe, high-quality medical wipes.

Also, you must shampoo the tail pockets now and then with warm water and a soap-free shampoo, specifically as Frenchies have a very sensitive skin which is not covered with thick fur. Once you have shampooed the area, use a soft, gentle towel to dry your Frenchie to avoid any irritation or rashes.

These simple steps can lead to a healthy and hygienic tail pocket and leave your French Bulldog feeling and smelling fresh all day!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my French Bulldog smell better?

The most basic and easiest ways to treat your Frenchie well and keep him or her clean is to

  1. Examine your Frenchie’s folds regularly and cleaning them with vet- recommended medical wipes or cotton balls dipped in peroxide.
  2. Protect their skin with medical creams
  3. Bathe them gently with lukewarm or warm water and remember to use a natural, bulldog specific shampoo as they have extremely sensitive skin.
  4. Most importantly, feed your Bulldog a grain-free diet as it helps them evade foul smell.


How frequently should I wash my Frenchie?

Contrary to popular beliefs, you do not have to bathe your Frenchie twice a week. Washing him or her that often might lead to their natural protective layer being taken away. Your Frenchie already has natural oils in their skin to keep infections away and help their skin remain healthy. Therefore, you should wash them at least once or twice a month, and that should be plenty. However, in case you notice certain conditions appearing on their skin, then you must visit a vet and ask for their help.


Do Frenchies smell more than other dogs?

Not all but most French Bulldogs do smell more than the other breeds. This is because of their facial folds and ears, which tend to collect dirt very easily and hence end up smelling very quickly. However, this should not be a deal-breaker for you as they do make up for their shortcoming with ample amounts of love and expressions of joy!


To Sum Up

Your little Frenchie might often smell bad, but there is a single simple solution to keep the foul smell at bay and maintain their health and skin. It is to clean them regularly as advised by your vet and take proper care of their skin and eating habits. Once you do that, you will never have to see your French Bulldog go through any sort of pain, and they can live happily!





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