How to Clean French Bulldog Ears

Why Is It Important To Clean French Bulldog Ears?

The ears of this furry gremlin are extraordinary. It always catches the eye and adds charm to their endearing face. Apart from catching attention, one more thing that those ears easily get hold of is dirt. Being the owner of this iconic little breed, you need to take some extra effort towards keeping them spotless and safe. These bat-eared doggos are susceptible to collect a multitude of environmental allergens, detritus & debris.

Due to their weak immune system, they are actively prone to catch allergies, therefore, also ensure the cleanliness of their folds. It is also strongly advised to pamper these pooches with an ear cleaning session every month.

Materials You Would Be Requiring For Cleaning

Frenchies may demand extra care and pamper. It may seem that you need a list of items to go through the cleaning process, but that’s not the case. Few items you require for a quick clean are just lying around your house; for others, you have to visit the pet store or the vet. Items required are cotton balls, paper towels, or a dry piece of cloth. Avoid using cotton swabs for cleaning as it can push the debris further into your Frenchies ears and cause inflammation.

You also require some canine ear cleaning solution, which will keep in check the dirt as well as any kind of allergens. If you are worried about any kind of potential side effects, there are natural solutions available as well. Don’t forget to keep some treats for these furballs in case they get fussy.


Going Through The Cleaning Process

Your furry friend might not be quite fond of getting his ears cleaned and will resist and jerk away. Therefore when you are planning to pamper them with an ear cleaning, assure that you do it the right way. Handle the pooch with the utmost care and try to make cleaning a routine for them. Treat those fragile ears as if it were a baby’s.

You should firstly start by making your Frenchie calm and make him seated in a position that is comfortable for cleaning. Play along with them as usual, and offer them their favorite treats. Once seated, with the help of a flashlight, start assessing their ears. Now you can start by taking a wet cloth or a wet wipe to clean the upper side of Frenchies ears. Clean it gently towards the front and back.

Now put that cotton ball and ear cleaning solution into use. Moisten the ball with the solution and rub the inner side of the year. Massage it thoroughly to ensure that maximum dirt is absorbed in the cotton. Some pooches love this massage, this can help them to relax. Once done, pause to check with a flashlight if it has been cleaned thoroughly.

Check for any remaining dirt or debris of the cotton ball which could’ve been left during the cleaning. Once all dirt has been retrieved from the Frenchies ears, he will be more relaxed. Take the help of a paper towel ar dry cloth to remove any excess cleaning solution and dry it off. Vets always mention the importance of keeping the pooches ears dry as wet ears can promote bacterial infections. That extra moisture will overpopulate the bacteria living in their ears.

Lastly, let your Frenchie make that cute move to shake out the excess solution. When the process is completed, show affection to your Frenchie by telling them how good they were. Give them the treats that you had reserved for this process, this will make them happy, and maybe in the next cleaning session, they are less fussy. There is more than one way of cleaning the ears, try them all, and see what best suits your furball.

Alternate Home Remedies For Cleaning

Using excessive chemical agents on your gremlins ears can irritate them, which ultimately leads to more scratching and damage. Sometimes it is best to use natural products on your furry companion as it might be more safe and satisfactory.

Using materials like apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, chamomile during a yeast infection is proved to be very effective. But always be careful and take the advice of your vet before application.

Cautions While Cleaning

If you have recently become a parent of this pooch, it is always best to get familiar with the process of cleaning. Since those bat-shaped ears are incredibly sensitive, observing a vet perform the cleaning first is a better option. Note down the things which are being used by the vet and try seeking their guidance for future cleaning.

During the process, it is imperative that your pooch is cooperative and enjoy the cleaning. If the pooch seems to be irritated, you should take the help of a friend or a professional. Though cleaning is considered to be a healthy routine for your Frenchie, please do not go overboard with it. Don’t clean more than the number of times prescribed by the vet or use products & materials which can cause damage.

You must take a good look with the help of a flashlight and try to understand any signs of a yeast infection. A yeast infection on a Frenchie may lead to an unpleasant smell, hair loss around the ear, redness, & swelling. If you witness any such factors, you should visit the vet and get your Frenchie treated. During the cleaning process, remember to be gently snd never try to go deep into the ears, as it can hurt the ear canal.


To Sum Up

Ears are one of the most appreciated features of Frenchies, and they need an abundance of care. You see, that slobbery smile of your Frenchie won’t just appear with an ear cleansing; it’s more than that. You need to take good care of your pup and pamper him in and out. Ensure that the pooch remains healthy and is receiving the love that is required.



What is the brown material in my pooches ears?

Before a cleaning session, the brown stuff might just be some dirt and debris that needs to be cleaned. But if you have cleaned the ears, it just maybe earwax. In some cases, if it appears to be reddish-brown, it can be a discharge from a yeast infection.


Is it safe to clean my Frenchies ears at home?

Yes, with proper knowledge, you are good to go ahead and clean your pooches ears at home. Be sure to use materials and products which are safe and prescribed by the vet.


Is it okay to clean the ears with water?

Water is a safe option to clean the ears with as long as you wipe off the remaining water. But ear cleaning solutions ensure that the maximum dirt is retrieved from the ears.



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