When Do French Bulldogs Ears Stand Up?

Bat Ears are the Most Appealing Features of French Bulldogs

It is apparent that one of the most endearing features of French bulldogs is their loveable bat ears. In case you are a new owner, you might have the fear and concern if your pooch is intended to have droopy ears or only one ear that is upright.

To see a Frenchie’s ears raise up is an amusing and interesting procedure. When ears do begin to go up, they often don’t go up at the same time. The ears do all sorts of wobbly things in the teething stage.  There can be different instances, for example:

  • One ear could be up weeks before the other ear goes up.
  • One of the ears or both ears could start going up, and then the next day, both could be down.
  • One ear could be up, and one could be down, and the next day opposite ears will go upright and lay down.

Remember, once ears do start standing up, these are often not fully erect. The thing is, once the furry baby is done teething, ears will generally stand rightly.

Every Puppy has Its Own Pace

Every puppy is at his own pace, even the pooches from the same litter. You could have many puppies having perfectly erect ears at four weeks old, and other pooches could take ten weeks or longer for the ears to stand up effortlessly straight.

Usually, in case the ears are going up on their own without assistance, you would experience signs that they are beginning to go up by nearly seven weeks. In these instances, it is generally best to just allow them to go up at their own pace.

Though, there are a couple of pooches (less than ten percent) that have persistent ears that just don’t want to go up on their own. In such cases, it is essential that you train the ears for three to five days by gently tapping them.

Often, with mainly stubborn ears, it will be essential to tape them up a few times, or perhaps even more. As mentioned, most of the time, ears are up on their own between four to ten weeks, but in case ears are showing no signs of going up on their own at eight weeks, it is the need to consider giving them a little assistance.


How to Tape French Bulldogs’ Ears?

The good way to tape the ears is to begin by gently tapping each ear separately. You can use a 1.4-inch huge masking tape (it is important to choose a good brand tape). Once you are done with each ear, then link up the two ears with the same tape.

Begin with tearing off a tiny piece of tape just sufficiently long to loosely wrap around ear one time: front and back. Then, you need to go towards the base of the ear. Ensure that the ear is kept flat once wrapped or once you take the tape off. You will witness the folds where the ear was crinkled and bend.  Make sure that you do the exact same thing on the other ear.

When both the ears are wrapped, position them properly on the top of the head. The ears should stand once erect; imagine the ears erect at 11 am and 1 am. It is crucial to ensure that the ears are not atilt to the sides when straight.

Next, tape a bridge from one ear to the other ear of the pooch. Do it by tearing off a part of the tape that is sufficiently long to reach from the external side of one ear to the external side of the other. Do it on the front and back sides to cater more support and so that the gluey sides of the tape are wedged together.

Remember, once you do this process, you need to be patient. You are going to tape the adorable ears of your beloved pooch. You need to be gentle at everything and make sure that your furry friend does not get hurt.

For How Long You Should Leave the Ears Tapped?

You can leave the tape in place for numerous days. But remember that it should not be there on the ears for more than five days. Then, you need to gently remove the tape from the ears. You can use scissors to cut the tape on the underside of the ear and then mildly peel it off.

In case the gorgeous ears were nearly ready to stand up on their own, they should stay erect forever.  Infrequently, the ears will require to be re-tapped a day or two later. It can very rarely be a third time too. But, remember, with patience and persistence, you will experience stunning, erect Frenchie ears.


Why Do the Ears Delay in Straightening?

Once teething starts in your puppy, most of the care is given to this process. It means that most, if not all, the calcium in the diet of a furry baby is channeled towards the growth of teeth.

In simple words, only a tiny quantity is available for the growth of the ear structure of the puppy. At this time, the preference is given to teeth development. Of course, you would first want your pooch to chew things than him having fancy, stunning ears.

The moment when this teething procedure stops is the answer to the question, ‘when do French bulldog’s ears go up?’.  It is the time when normal calcium distribution shall have been restored. The essential ear structures are going to be formed, and the ears will just get erect own their own.


In a Nutshell

Remember, the time this procedure of ears erecting takes will not be similar for all Frenchies.  It relies on an individual furry baby’s growth pattern and the degree of calcium in the diet.



Why are my French Bulldog’s Ears Drooping?

In a French bulldog, down-turned ears are natural. These furballs are born with droopy ears. Like the teeth of puppies, with time, their petite ears start to energize. However, there is no exact timetable for this.

Does a French Bulldog Shed?

Just like most of the pooches, French bulldogs do shed a good amount of fur during the months of spring and summer when their winter coat is no longer required. These furballs incline to keep their fur all over the winter for an extra degree of protection against cold temperatures.

When winter goes away and the temperature rises, the shedding begins again. You can keep a check on your French bulldog towards the finish of the winter season to find out when they begin to shed.

Can French Bulldogs be Trained Easily?

Yes, it is easy to train them. However, they can be moody too. Much depends on finding ways to encourage your Frenchies. Treats mostly work.  It is helpful if you socialize your pooch starting at a young age and begin obedience lessons once he is young. Such a thing would strengthen the bond.

What Should I Feed My French Bulldog and How Frequently?

The French bulldogs can be fed a nice quality grain-free kibble. You can also feed adult salmon and sweet potato.  This is suitable for all aged pooches. There is no corn, wheat, or glutens in kibble.  The general weight and age of your furry companion are what decides the sum of food needed.



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