Why Are French Bulldogs so Expensive?

French bulldogs have high breeding cost

The most important expense for French bulldogs is the breeding cost. This breed needs artificial insemination for the birth of a new puppy. It may cost around 2000 USD or even more for every birth cycle.

Also, they need to go through various medical tests before going through the entire procedure. It ensures that the puppy is safe from any genetic dysfunction and not at the risk of developing health issues later on. Progesterone levels, DNA compatibility, and several other tests are required, all of which combined can be quite a hefty amount.

Delivery of a French bulldog is expensive

At the time of delivery, a French bulldog does not litter naturally. Hence, normal delivery is a very rare case in this breed. A Caesarean section is done on a mother doggy to bring the puppies to life. Along with the vet, nurses are also needed there for the resuscitation of the newborn Frenchies. The mother needs to go through anesthesia, and the whole process needs to be handled with utmost care and caution.

As an artificial procedure is performed generally for the birth of the litter, the mother takes time to acclimatize herself with the newborns. She is usually reluctant to nurse her babies voluntarily for the first couple of weeks postpartum.

So the mother dog is gently guided by a therapy process to identify her babies and develop natural maternal instincts for the little ones. Also, the puppies should need to be vaccinated properly and as early as possible, as they have a tendency to get affected with allergy.


A high expense is needed for healthcare

These cute pooches should be kept under special care and high maintenance. Otherwise, they may be affected by some serious health issues. This actually increases the expense of maintaining French bulldogs. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Allergy: Immunity of the breed gives a very quick response against the foreign bodies entering into the body. This causes allergy to them. Food allergies, seasonal allergies, and dermatological allergies very common in these furballs.


  • Deafness: The BEAR test is a very common test that should be performed on every French puppy to detect deafness. This is a very common defect found in this breed. This can be detected at a very early age.


  • Hip Dysplasia: This is a very common injury in Frenchies, where the ball of the joint of the hip gets detached from the socket of the pelvis. Due to this type of injury, the hip stops functioning properly. The only way to reduce the probability of hip dysplasia in your French bulldog is to maintain a healthy weight of your doggy.


  • Cherry Eye: Dogs’ eyes possess the third eyelid for protection of the eye. In this disease, the tear gland gets extended over the third eyelid. Although it is not that painful for the doggies, it might cause an eye infection. Surgery is needed to cure the cherry eye.


  • Intolerance towards heat and cold: An owner of a French bulldog must be aware of its inability in adaptation with heat and cold. In hot areas, a small pool or cold-water bathtub is a must to cool down their body. In cold areas, they need separate sweaters and blankets for them. Cleanliness of the doggy’s clothes should be taken care of as they might catch an infection from dry dirt. In hot areas, also they need sweaters sometimes, as they might shiver right after coming out of the pool.


  • Bronchial problems: The flat faces of French bulldogs are responsible for their snore. Also, they catch cough and can choke on mucous very easily. This might require frequent medical care.

Dietary cost is high for these adorable poochies

Frenchies need dog food with a high nutritional value, which is actually much costly. A home-cooked organic diet is highly recommended for this delicate pet. Also, a proper veterinary diet chart should be followed properly for high bone density and a good immunity of your furry friend.

The use of wheat should be minimized in the diet of French bulldogs as it costs digestive malfunctions in them. Huge flatulence is very common among them as they have a very sensitive digestive system. Also, corn products should be excluded from their diet chart. Corn is responsible for skin rashes in Frenchies.

So, a reasonable amount is needed per month as a dietary cost of your lovely furball. If you want to maintain an organic diet for your Frenchie, then you should be prepared to spend something around 400-500 USD every month.


An investment in pet insurance is a must for a French bulldog

Every pet owner wants their furry baby to live a long and healthy life. One way to ensure that is pet insurance. You would do your French bulldog a favor by knowing that they have delicate health, and it is best that you invest a certain amount for their insurance. Several types of pet insurances are discussed here below.

  • Time-limited policies: This is a type of policy that covers the maximum amount for a specific time period. Generally, the period is of a year or six months. This is quite a cheap policy.


  • Emergency only policy: This kind of policy covers some specific serious health issues of your pet, including accident. This is the cheapest policy you may have for your pet.


  • Maximum benefit policy: This kind of policy covers up to a certain amount, which is known as the maximum amount. No time limit is there. But after the maximum amount is reached, you cannot make any claim until the policy is renewed.


  • Lifetime policy: This is the most effective and expensive policy you might have for your pet. Your pet will be covered throughout your lifetime. It requires an annual premium payment for renewal. So, this insurance will be the most worthy one for your beloved pet.


A French bulldog needs some formal training

Your furry pet will need to have a formal training activity at a very early age. As a breed of a bulldog, some inborn violent instincts may remain inside your pet. Formal training reduces the aggressiveness by engaging the puppy into some heavy activities and channeling the energy. Also, it helps in the physical growth of your doggy. It keeps your pet playful and healthy.


Exquisiteness and the color

French bulldogs are considered to be an elite breed of dogs. Moreover, a wide variety of colors and patterns can be found in the breed. The rarer complexions are obviously more expensive than the regular ones. Blue, lilac, and chocolate brown are considered as the rarer and more exquisite shades while black, fawn and white are the common colors.



1. How frequently should a French bulldog visit the vet?

A French bulldog should have a scheduled vet visit every six months for its entire life.

2. Do French bulldogs shed a lot?

French bulldogs might be high maintenance, but unlike many of the other furry breeds, they shed an average amount. They have a medium-fine coat and do not require much brushing either.

3. How early should French bulldogs start training?

It is suggested that a Frenchie puppy start training as early as 14 weeks of age. The owner should also start socializing with the fur baby at this point for trust-building and companionship bonding.

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