When do French Bulldogs’ heads get bigger? 

How long does the head of a French Bulldog continue to grow?

A French bulldog, popularly known as a lapdog or a toy dog is a small to a medium sized dog. A Frenchie fully grows in its first year. One can see small growth improvements in the first 9 months, while the growth escalates in the next 3 months.

The head of a French bulldog stops growing after a year and so the skull of a Frenchie at one year is its skull forever. However, the mass of the skull (not the size) of your furry companion might increase a little in the next 12 months due to increased fat or certain muscular changes.


What is the ideal size of a French Bulldog’s head?

The head of a Frenchie is one of the doggo’s most unique personality trait. It has a very different forehead. As compared to an English Bulldog, a Frenchie has a half flat and half domed forehead.

The head of a Frenchie is usually short and thick. The ideal size of the head of a French Bulldog is considered to be 35 centimetres.

The circumference of a Frenchie’s head is about 13-18.5 inches. For the comfort of your doggo, it is very important for you to know their collar size. A comfortable collar size for a healthy Bully is at least 36-40 centimetres.

How big in size does a Frenchie become?

Since French Bulldogs do not grow much in size, many people are unfamiliar with when their little Frenchie stops growing. The growth of a Bully is often unnoticeable as it is very gradual. Just like your own child does, the doggo grows up gradually without you noticing it.

The French Bulldog stops growing after a maximum of 15 months and a minimum of 9 months. They grow up to around 20lbs in weight. The maximum weight that a Frenchie can endure is 28lbs, beyond which an immediate consultation of a vet must be taken.


Factors affecting the Growth of a French Bulldog

Genetics is one of the most important factors of a breed’s growth and size. Hence the size of a Frenchie remains small to medium because both the doggo’s parents are small in size.

A second major factor is the growth nutrients provided to your pup. The first few weeks after a Frenchie’s birth are very crucial in attaining a proper height and weight. A balanced healthy diet during this time is the key to your perfectly grown furball!

However, overfeeding your little Frenchie can lead to obesity. Obesity can lead to diabetes and other major medical conditions. Hence, it is essential to properly feed your doggo, keeping in mind their age and weight.


Is French Bulldog’s small head a problem?

An ideal French Bulldog comes with a small head, broad chest and a small body. It is normal for your Frenchie to have a small head since their head grows only up to 12 months.

The small head of a Frenchie is completely natural and does not bring along any problems. However, the flat face and nose of a French Bulldog are considered an issue because Frenchies often suffer from breathing problems and loud snores.

Can excessive feeding increase the head size of a French Bulldog?

It is by nature’s laws that the size of a Frenchie’s skull stops increasing after a year of growth. Even if you overfeed your doggo after a year, the skull will not grow in size.

Overfeeding your Frenchie rather will grow a lot of fat, because of which the head might appear bigger. However, it is not at all a safe practice, since obesity of a Frenchie creates higher risks of diabetes and other health problems.

A French Bulldog is a sensitive breed that needs proper care. They should only be fed with an age-appropriate diet. Making your Frenchie obese can shorter their lifespan.


Role of an owner in their Frenchie’s growth

In the initial weeks after its birth, the role of the Frenchie’s mother is extremely crucial. The second most important role is that of the owner. The owner becomes the second mother to a Frenchie.

After receiving all the required nourishment from the mother, the little furballs are all ready to receive nourishment and love from their second mother. To ensure the healthy development of their body, the little ones must be provided with a balanced diet with enough variety of growth nutrients.

The diet must include fats, proteins and carbs. Caring for your doggo is essential but one must be aware that a Frenchie is not fed too much. Although they do not require to exercise a lot, yet Frenchies must be taken for regular short walks. The short walks ensure that the doggo does not gain weight and that it does not attract health problems.


To Sum Up

The small head and bat ears are completely natural characteristics of a French Bulldog. These unique traits give them an expressive face. The highly emotive eyes of a Frenchie makes it hard for people to resist them.

Their small size makes them the designated lapdogs that curl up on your lap and comfort you while you’re reading or working. They are often called the couch potatoes as they make up the best couch companions whether you’re watching TV or sleeping.

A Frenchie is truly one of the best companions. They are highly sensitive little creatures who might suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for more than a few hours. So you must shower your Frenchies with immense love and care. The Bully will give you double the amount of love it received from you!



Is it normal if the head of my Frenchie is relatively smaller than the body?

There are chances that the size of the body of a Frenchie increases quite rapidly while the head remains pup-sized. It is completely normal and there is nothing to worry about as the head catches up with the body in no time.

What is the basic size and weight of a French Bulldog?

An adult male Frenchie can weigh between 20-28 pounds, while a female Bully can weigh between 18-20 pounds. Weighing beyond this should be a matter of concern. As for the size, Frenchies can grow up to 33 centimetres (13inches).

How old a Frenchie should I buy?

First few weeks for a Frenchie are quite critical and must be spent with the mother to receive all the necessary nourishment. You must buy a Frenchie which is at least 12 weeks old.

Can Frenchie swim with its small head?

A French Bulldog is brachycephalic, that means the doggo has a small snout, which makes it difficult for them to breathe even in normal circumstances. So a Frenchie can not swim and must not be left unattended near water.



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