How Important Is Bike Size?

How Important Is Bike Size?


Learning about bike size may not be an exciting subject to learn, but it’s one of the most important things to be considered.

Choosing the right bike size is not only convenient, moreover, but it also helps to avoid both short and long-term accidents. Riding the bike with perfect size offers you much smoother riding experience.

Many of us grew up using inherited bikes from our brothers and sisters or from our relatives. Using the inherited bikes is a good fit for occasional riders who barely ride, but if you expect to drive regularly you must have a bike with the right size based on your requirements.

For example, some people use their road bikes every day to go to work and some use them for weekend racing. 

All these things may be comfortable, but your driving style shouldn’t go wrong.

A bike’s proper size completely depends on a number of factors that go far beyond its size. 

If you’ve ever been to a bike store, and someone has just weighed your size and guided you to a particular model, you end up with the wrong one, even though it sounds convenient at first.

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Why It Is Important To Consider The Right Bike Size?


Choosing a bike with the right size isn’t difficult. They work with pedal power, and they are operated by a handlebar. Pretty simple, right?

While the mechanics used in bikes are really easy, where your position depends on the bike’s size and its overall control.


What Are The Issues In Choosing The Incorrect Bike Size?


Riding a bike with the wrong size leads to a number of issues. The below-mentioned points explain to you some of the major issues in riding the wrong size bike.


Back Pain

Whether you are riding a high-speed road bike or mountain bike your posture on these bikes is important. Riding those bikes with wrong frames causes you severe low back pain.

Likewise using a seat post or handlebar adjustment does not balance a frame. In short, having a bike with the correct frame keeps you away from low back pain.


Higher Risk Of Accidents

Riding a bike which is too large leads you to lose control and energy, which increases the chance of ending up in an accident.

Riding a bike with the correct size offers you more control as well as helps you in avoiding accidents.


Wrist Pain 

Spending more time by riding a small or large bike leads to severe wrist problems as well as having a bike with bulky frames or handlebars, which helps you to move faster but it is not ideal for avoiding the wrist pain. 

Since your position on the bike will put more pressure on your hands. So, it is important to ride a bike which is based on your height and weight.

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How Do You Choose A Correct Bike Size?

In order to get the ideal riding experience, it is important to choose a bike with the correct size. Moreover for choosing the right bike size, you must take a number of factors into consideration. 

You can also refer to the number of reviews and the types of bikes available. But, the important factor is, you should buy a bike based on your size, weight and your need. 


How Bikes Are Categorized?

Not all regular bikes are of exactly the same scale. Actual sizes and methods of sizing depend upon the type of bike.


Mountain Bikes

While comparing to other types Mountain bikes are something special. The mountain bikes are available in S, M, and L, based on your weight and height you can choose the perfect mountain bike. 


Road Bikes 

Road bikes are generally available in standard sizes like small, medium and large sizes. But there will be some differences in their size based on their brand.

For example size 48 on a specialist, the bike is not as same as size 48 in Trek bike model. In order to select the perfect size, you must be aware of sizes based on their brands.


Hybrid Bikes 

The hybrid element has the elements of both mountain bikes and road bikes. Likewise choosing the right hybrid bike size is also the same as mountain and road bike models.



You now know what to look for when you buy a new bike which is right for you. Pay close attention to the dimensions while searching online, and ensure that they suit your ideal size.

With just a bit of preparation, you can be sure you get a bike you can use regularly without thinking about problems that arise from a poor fit.


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