Can My French Bulldog Give Birth Naturally?

Is it possible for them to give birth naturally?

The answer would be a strong no. However, some bulldogs perform very well during natural deliveries. There are quite a few Frenchies that suffer tremendously during natural labor.

This is mainly because female Bulldogs have very narrow hips. Whereas, Bulldog puppies are quite large compared to their birth canals. Consequently, they require highly trained, professional veterinarians to perform a C-section surgery in most of these cases. In fact, according to a study, almost 95% of the French Bulldogs need C-section to deliver their babies.

However, to avoid panic, you can spot the signs of distress in your Frenchie early on. And one of the main signs that your Bulldog is finding it difficult to deliver is when she has been pushing for more than an hour. Typically, this means that the puppy is stuck somewhere in the canal and needs to be removed with medical intervention.

According to research carried by the Royal Veterinary College, Frenchies are 16 times more likely to go through a difficult pregnancy than other breeds, including other Bulldogs lines. They can also suffer from dystocia, which occurs when a puppy’s shoulders get stuck during labor.

So, this is why you should seriously consider the potential risks and complications that your Frenchie may suffer from natural births.

Can French Bulldogs get pregnant easily?

When it comes to the natural methods of reproducing, French Bulldogs suffer immensely. Although they can get pregnant naturally, the process is a bit difficult for them to endure.

Firstly, the chest, head, and shoulders of bulldogs are larger than their hips, which means that the back portion of their body is lighter than their front. As a result, when a male Bulldog mounts onto a female Frenchie, his front weight pushes down the female’s backend. This makes it difficult for them to reproduce easily.

It is for this reason that almost 80% to 90% of French Bulldogs are bred using Artificial Insemination (AI).

If you own a Frenchie, then you must be well aware of what a fun and delightful company they are. Plus, when you turn into a Frenchie lover, you come to know the true value of being a dog owner. Especially when it comes to dealing with their health problems.

Most often, French Bulldogs are prone to several health issues that may not concern other breeds. This especially includes critical problems that they may face during the process of breeding. And if you are not aware of how fatal it can be for them, then you must avoid getting a Frenchie in the first place.


Precautions to take before your French Bulldog gives birth

French Bulldogs require very low maintenance in their daily lifestyle. However, you will need to take proper precautions when they are reproducing.

Keep the mother healthy

The first and most important thing to remember while raising a pregnant Frenchie to keep her healthy. Make sure that you take her for regular check-ups to a reputable veterinary check-up before she breeds. This improves the chances of her having a normal, healthy pregnancy.

You must have her canine distempered and given her the parvovirus vaccines in the last 12 months. This should be enough to cover during her pregnancy. Also, you should be giving her prenatal supplements such as iodine, Vitamin E, and folic acid.

Lastly, look for signs of potential diseases or parasites. These can be intestinal worms or heartworms. If you do notice such a situation, then treat them beforehand to protect the puppies.

Keep track of her fertility cycle

To breed your Frenchie in an adequate manner, you must know when she is in season. One of the most common signs to tell that your Frenchie is in the heat is when he or she displays agitated behavior and starts spotting.

During heat, your French Bulldog’s fertility will be at a peak for at least two to three days. Accordingly, after five days of her heat, take her to a vet and find out whether she is ovulating.

Start the breeding process

Once you know that she is ovulating, it is time for the breeding process to begin. Since most Frenchies have a tough time during natural intercourse, a safe option for you would be to use artificial insemination with your vet’s assistance. Furthermore, to increase the chances of your bitch getting pregnant, inseminate her at least two times either on two alternate days or consecutive days.

However, if you choose to do it naturally, then make sure that you have chosen the right stud with good health. Most importantly, monitor the whole breeding process very closely to prevent any violence.

Confirm your dog’s pregnancy from the vet and keep track of your Frenchie’s breeding days to know her estimated due date.

Keep her pampered

The entire duration of a French Bulldogs pregnancy lasts for about 60 to 68 days on average. During this time, make sure to keep her well-nourished, hydrated, clean, and comfortable at all times.

Give her plenty of protein-rich food and see to it that she eats a balanced meal all throughout the day. In addition to protein intake, feed her with fats, vitamins, and minerals for healthy fetus development.

Many breeders recommend that you feed the mother with a half-ounce of the raw liver along with their kibble food every day and also switch over to puppy food by the time they enter the fifth week.

Avoid changing her diet in the first half because weight gain can eventually lead to more difficult labor.

Prefer having a C-section for your Frenchie

Natural birth is extremely difficult for Frenchies. Most vets advise French Bulldog owners to avoid them from giving birth naturally as they can cause severe fatalities to the puppy and the mother and may lead to uterine damage of the mother as well.

Keep track of your Frenchie’s due date and have your vet on stand by to deliver the litter by a C-section. You can notice the onset of her labor the certain behavioral changes such as physical discomfort, lack of appetite, irritation, and nesting behavior.

Once your bitch has undergone a C-section and delivered the puppies, you must observe her for a few days in case she develops any infection or discharge. If you see any discharge, then it is preferred that you clean it with hydrogen peroxide. However, if the discharge does not stop and you see a significant swelling, you should take her to a vet immediately.

Limit her litters to avoid putting her through extreme trauma

Because the birthing process is quite traumatic for French Bulldogs, we advise you not to put them through a lot of pregnancies and stick to a minimum of two to four litters. Remember, Frenchies cannot tolerate the entire reproduction process after an extent as it may harm their overall health, so take care of the one that you own.

To Sum Up

Breeding is time-consuming. And when it comes to your Frenchie, it may become a health hazard if not treated with proper care. Hence, if you are planning to get your French Bulldog pregnant, the safest way to minimize any risk during labor is to get her health conditions tested before breeding.





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