Do French Bulldogs Drool?

The face shape of French Bulldogs

Although a typically clean breed, French Bulldogs tend to drool and slobber very often. The most evident reason for this is the placement and shape of their jaw and the way their lips are arranged. French Bulldogs tend to have a wider and shorter snout compared to other dog breeds, making them brachycephalic in nature.

This breed suffers from prognathism in the jaw, which means that the lower jaw comes out in front of the upper jaw. Additionally, their thick lips are prone to droop downward.

Naturally, the anatomy of the breed creates an ideal condition for drool and slobber. However, if drool begins to appear in excessive amounts, this could signify an underlying health issue.

Causes for excessive drooling in French Bulldogs

Although drooling is an inevitable process for French Bulldogs owing to their biological build, excessive drooling should be monitored and addressed as soon as possible. Let’s look at some of the possible reasons for excessive drooling.

1.     Excessive exertion

The most common cause of drooling and slobber in French Bulldogs is physical exertion. You may have observed that your pup’s drool tends to be stringy after a walk or a game of catch. Physical exertion leads to overheating, which results in excessive drooling and is a sign that your dog needs to cool down.

2.     Mouth disease

French Bulldogs are prone to mouth problems such as diseases in the teeth and gums. If your puppy is drooling more than usual, it would be wise to check his gums for redness or swelling, bad breath, bleeding, or lumps in the mouth. These symptoms usually indicate a variety of mouth diseases that lead the body to medicate itself by producing excessive drool.

3.     Heatstroke

During summer, French Bulldogs are highly susceptible to heat strokes. They deal with the heat by drooling, which cools down the body temperature. Their bodies tend to overheat quickly, and it is, therefore, essential to bring the heat down at the earliest.

4.     Anxiety

Anything that causes stress or fear in your dog will cause him to drool. A new environment, loud or unpleasant noises, or any other fearful scenarios may be the cause of the excessive drooling in your French Bulldog. This is accompanied by hiding, loss of appetite, aggression, and shaking.

5.     Poisoning

While every breed tends to stumble upon something interesting enough to put in their mouths, the French Bulldog infamous for this habit. However, some of these things could be harmful and dangerous for your dog if ingested, such as cosmetics, gardening products plants, or drugs. Ingestion of these causes dribbling and excessive drool, which could be a sign of poisoning.

6.     Organ disease

If you have ruled out all the other given reasons for drooling, and it is still prevalent, your French Bulldog may be infected with a serious disease. Kidney and liver problems are preceded by excessive drooling and licking. It is, therefore, important to take your dog for regular health check-ups.

7.     Injuries in the mouth

In case of an injury, dogs heal naturally using their dribble. Excessive drooling could be caused by cuts in the mouth or any other injuries. Additionally, the drooling may be caused by something stuck in their throat or mouth.

8.     Rabies

Although rare, your French Bulldog could contract rabies if he has been in contact with a foreign dog. Excessive drooling is one of the symptoms of rabies, including fever, paralysis, hydrophobia, and inability to swallow. Even though this scenario is rare, it is better to rule out the possibility.

How to deal with excessive drool in French Bulldogs?

Having a messy French Bulldog in the house can be inconvenient sometimes. Let’s take a look at the potential solutions for excessive drooling.

1.     Cooldown your puppy

The most common cause of drooling in French Bulldogs is physical exertion, which raises the temperature of your puppy. In this case, make sure your dog is hydrated and let him rest to allow his body temperature to return to normal. During summer months, swimming could also be a cooling activity for your French Bulldog.

2.     Check for infections

In the case of mouth disease, taking measures to prevent damage to the teeth and gums can be taken. The agitated areas of his mouth will be aided with drool to keep them wet. This can be prevented by providing your French Bulldog with a surplus of chew toys, regular cleaning, maintenance of oral hygiene, and feeding him nutritious food.

3.     Remove anxiety-provoking stimuli

French Bulldogs are prone to excessive drooling even they are confronted with stressful situations. The best solution is removing your puppy from the uncomfortable environment and ensuring that he is surrounded by things that he is familiar with. Take away the stressors that are causing stress-induced dribbling.

4.     Soft palate surgery

Due to the brachycephalic nature of French Bulldogs, they tend to drool more as they have constricted windpipes and closed up nostrils. While these conditions are genetically predisposed, it causes disturbances while breathing. Considering a soft palate surgery fixes this inherent mistake and makes it easier for your puppy to breathe and therefore reduces excessive drooling.

In case of severe drooling and signs of an underlying health issue, take your French Bulldog to the veterinarian as quickly as you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my French Bulldog drool while sleeping?

Drooling in their sleep is a very common occurrence for French Bulldogs. Due to their short snouts and narrow nasal passages, they tend to drool, which is often accompanied by snoring. The placement of their jaws does not allow a French Bulldog to close his mouth while sleeping and thereby causes them to drool.

How to stop a French Bulldog from drooling?

The most common cause of drooling is heat, so make sure to keep them cool with a drink or water or a dip in the pool. They could also be hungry, so give them a snack or their meal. Removing your puppy from stressful situations can also reduce drooling.

Is it normal for French Bulldogs to drool?

Owing to their unique facial structure and many other factors, French Bulldogs are more prone to excessive drooling. This is completely normal; however, if the condition persists, you may want to look into it.

Why is my French Bulldog shaking and drooling?

Trembling accompanied by drooling is a sign of anxiety in your French Bulldog. Anything threatening stimuli may cause your dog to shiver and drool excessively. However, if there is nothing unusual about his environment, your French Bulldog may be suffering from something harmful such as poisoning, liver disease, or neurological problems. If this is the case, taking your dog to the vet immediately is essential.

To sum up

Being a pet owner comes with its advantages and disadvantages, and French Bulldogs can be a handful if you are particular about cleanliness. They are infamous for drooling despite being a relatively clean breed. However, it is important to keep an eye out for the conditions mentioned above and take action accordingly. Extreme cases warrant a visit to the vet. In most cases, you need not worry about drooling in your adorable puppy as he is probably excited about eating his food or is exhausted from all the playing!


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