Can French Bulldogs Walk Far?

Can Frenchies walk long distances?

French Bulldogs are endearingly known as little couch potatoes. If you have a Frenchie at home, you would be able to vouch for this! These dogs do sleep and laze around a lot. However, despite popular belief, Frenchies are very energetic doggos.

Frenchies are the cutest, with their smooshy faces and wrinkles, but these dogs’ flat-faced nature causes them to have a low tolerance for long walks.

The best way to exercise your doggo is to go on walks. How long can you walk your dog for? Can your Frenchie walk far? The answer to that depends on what you define ‘far’ as. An adult Frenchie can easily cover 1.5 miles in one go. However, they are not suited to long and tiresome walks.

Read on to find out more so that you can take care of your furry friend in the best possible way!

Why is it important to carefully consider how long you walk your Frenchie?

Most French Bulldogs are full of energy and need exercise. If they do not get ample exercise, they may become restless. This can materialize as destructive behavior in the little rascals.

To avoid this, you must let your Frenchie have enough exercise. You should keep in mind that their exertion must be strictly regulated.

You may be wondering why it is so important to keep a strict check on how far or how long you walk your doggo. This is because these adorable puppers are a brachycephalic breed. Brachycephalic means ‘shortened head’ and is a term used to refer to dogs that have flat faces and short noses.

These dogs are especially prone to the Brachycephalic Obstructive Syndrome (BOS), an upper airway abnormality. It also entails other breathing issues. Long and exhausting walks can prove to be very harmful and dangerous for your Frenchie due to this.

Other than breathing problems, Frenchies are also susceptible to Canine Atopic Dermatitis or atopy. Atopy causes inflammation between the toes, which can cause acute discomfort and, in more severe cases, even pain while walking.

You must always consult with your veterinarian before making any major decisions. You should look out for your pooch’s health, after all!

Taking your Frenchie out on walks

Your Frenchie could be a tiny ball of liveliness who requires adequate exercise to stay happy. You need to make sure that walking is fun and does not turn stressful for your doggo.

Ideally, you should take your Frenchie out for a walk twice a day. These walks should be short and relaxed. A healthy, adult Frenchie can comfortably walk for about 30 minutes, twice every day, at a casual pace.

The walking requirements of French Bulldog puppies, though, are different. They need only about 10 to 12 minutes at a time. This applies to senior doggos as well.

When it comes to distance, an active and entirely healthy French Bulldog can walk for as much as 3 miles at a time. However, this can prove to be too exhausting for some Frenchies. The distance that a dog can cover depends upon the individual as well.

A major factor that defines the safety of your Frenchie while out on walks is the weather. You should not take your dog for a walk when it is a hot, humid day. These pooches tire very easily and are prone to overheating.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when taking your Frenchie for a walk:

  • Walk your doggo when the day is cooler, in the mornings or evenings
  • Carry water for your dog
  • Check your Frenchie’s paws
  • Stay aware of your dog’s breathing
  • Keep the walk short and sweet

Overheating in Frenchies

The adorable, smooshy faces of Frenchies are certainly loveable, but their shortened muzzles make them ineffective when it comes to panting. Dogs use panting to regulate their body temperatures in the heat through evaporative cooling.

If you take your Frenchie out for a long walk, your doggo may be at risk of overheating. Their short muzzles cause them to gurgle, snort, and have a hard time breathing.

The bone structure of their faces makes their airways like a complicated maze, which does not allow enough air to reach the lungs in one breath.

Here are some signs of over-exertion in your Frenchie:

  • Glazed eyes
  • Heavy, labored panting or drooling
  • Deep red gums or tongue
  • Gurgling or snorting
  • Weakness
  • Increased pulse
  • Seizures

If you walk your buddy too far, you may be putting your Frenchie at risk of overheating. If you notice any of the above signs, you must contact your vet and do all you can to cool your doggo down.

You can place some cold, damp, or wet towels for your Frenchie to lie on whenever you get back from a walk. You can also carefully pour some cool water on your pooch’s head and belly. Make sure that this water is not freezing cold, though, because that can cause shock.

Once you have cooled your dog with water, you can try spreading the fur with your hands to improve the airflow. This will reduce the heat insulation that the fur causes.

To cool your little pet pal internally, you can also feed them ice cubes or watermelon. You can also find various frozen treats for your doggo.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is walking a Frenchie important?
  2. French Bulldogs are playful little doggos who need an outlet for their energy. They tire very easily and are not suited to heavy exercise. This is why walking is the best solution. It also allows them to stimulate their senses. Regular walks help in maintaining good health as well.


  1. Is it better to use a collar or a harness while walking?
  2. French Bulldogs already face trouble while breathing due to their Brachycephalic nature. Collars are not advisable since they further cause inconvenience and restrict the airway. You should ideally use a body harness to walk your little buddy.


  1. Is swimming a good way to cool down a Frenchie after a walk?
  2. While it is not entirely dangerous, swimming is also not recommended for your Frenchie. Frenchies are naturally not very good swimmers. Their short muzzles cause greater issues, even while swimming.


  1. Should Frenchies socialize with other dogs while out on a walk?
  2. Yes, it is important for your Frenchie to socialize with other doggos and people. Walks are a good way to get in some social time for your French Bulldog. This will help improve your dog’s temperament and social skills.


  1. Is it normal for a Frenchie to not want to go out on walks?
  2. Yes, it is normal if your Frenchie is not fond of walks. French Bulldogs are not the most active dogs in the world, after all! They spend a lot of time sleeping and lazing around. The inclination of Frenchies to go out on walks depends from dog to dog. They also tire very easily and require long rest periods after short activity periods.

In summary

French Bulldogs are lovable pooches who are almost like little jumpy potatoes. They can also be very energetic and need regular exercise. While walking is certainly the best way to meet their needs, it should also be closely monitored.

Frenchies cannot walk too far and should be taken for shorter walks at a relaxed pace. This is to avoid severe heat-related issues or breathing problems.

Exercise is an intrinsic part of a dog’s health and growth, so you should not completely eliminate walks from your Frenchie’s schedule out of apprehensiveness!


















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