Do French Bulldogs Get Cold Easily?

Can the breed tolerate cold weather?

Since French Bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed, they cannot tolerate cold weather. They are prone to getting colds, especially in winter and at night, as they are genetically incapable of being outdoor dogs. Their bodies lose heat very quickly, which makes them susceptible to a cold.

Their short coats do not provide substantial protection from the cold, and the fact that they have an elongated soft palate makes it harder for them to breathe. Due to this, they cannot regain heat as quickly as it is lost from their bodies.

How will I know if my French Bulldog is cold?

Your pup may exhibit many signs when he is feeling cold, and when these appear, it is essential to take action. If he refuses to go outside, pulls at blankets, shivers, exhibits lethargy, or whines, your French Bulldog is probably cold.

Due to their anatomy, this breed cannot handle extremes of weather very well. This makes them susceptible to hypothermia and dehydration, especially in cold weather. In serious cases, hypothermia could be fatal as it leads to a lack of circulation of blood, kidney failure, and a slowed heartbeat.

Some of the symptoms of hypothermia to look out for include trembling, cold skin, dilated pupils, pale gums, or breathing problems. However, if you take the necessary steps to care for your French Bulldog during cold months, this condition is unlikely to affect him.

Methods for keeping your French Bulldog warm

During cold months, it is necessary to take extra care of your puppy as he will not respond well to the climate. Here is how you can make sure that your French Bulldog is warm.

1.     Stay indoors as much as possible

When the temperature drops outside, try to find ways to keep your dog active inside the house. You could play catch or invest in a laser pen toy if that appeals to your dog. Ensure that staying indoors to avoid the cold does not make your dog lazy and inactive, and you could search for activities for your puppy indoors.

2.     Check the temperature of their drinking water

When the climate gets colder, the water coming from your taps is also bound to be colder. This could result in a sore throat for your French Bulldog, and he could also portray other cold symptoms. Using tepid water and placing his bowl in a warm corner of the house could reduce the temperature of his drinking water.

3.     Avoid overfeeding

Due to the cold winter months, your dog will have to spend a significant amount of time indoors. This could be problematic if he is overfed and starts gaining weight, more than recommended. Is it important to find the right balance when it comes to feeding your French Bulldog, avoiding obesity, which could result in muscle problems for your dog in the long run.

4.     Invest in potty training pads

The cold weather will prevent you from taking your dog out for walks, which can potentially lead to a mess in the house. To avoid this, you can buy or use old potty training pads from when your dog was a puppy. Older dogs will have no problem adjusting to this system as it is present in their muscle memory.

5.     Winter jackets

If you do decide to step outside with your pup, make sure you have some protective gear to avoid a cold. Winter clothing specifically designed for French Bulldogs is available, and these items include jackets and boots. Buying these items will make it more comfortable for your dog to play outdoors while keeping him warm.

6.     Protect the paws

It is essential to keep an eye on your dog’s paws in winter as they tend to become damaged and cracked, leading to excruciating pain. If you decide to take your French Bulldog for a walk, use boots to keep his paws warm and prevent damage.

7.     Trim nails regularly

If it is not cold enough to pull out boots for your puppy, make sure to keep his nails short while walking him in winter. Long nails on snow or ice can be dangerous as it can lead to your French Bulldog getting injured. Skidding or sliding is more probable if your puppy has long nails.

8.     Avoid letting him eat snow

Playing and rolling around in the snow is an unusual feeling for all dogs. They may be tempted to eat some snow out of curiosity, and this should be curbed. Snow may contain some winter chemicals or salt, which could make your French Bulldog unwell.

How to cure a cold in French Bulldogs?

While it is always better to visit a vet, a common cold can be cured easily at home. Taking the right steps will also reduce the chances of your dog developing a serious illness.

1.     Increase fluid intake

Dehydration during the winter months is very common among French Bulldogs. If your sick pup refuses to drink water, try adding some chicken broth in his bowl. This will clear out his nasal passages as well as increase fluid intake.

2.     Provide nutritious food

While sick dogs are not fond of eating, try to give your French Bulldog food that is highly nutritious. Boiled chicken and brown rice could provide your dog with extra strength while he is sick. This will also ensure a quicker recovery.

3.     Supplements

Some food can be fed specifically to fend off the cold. Foods such as cinnamon, coconut oil, and honey can be added to your French Bulldog’s meals to enhance nutritious value. These supplements can also improve your dog’s immune system.

4.     Use a hot water bottle

Dogs tend to keep their distance and avoid interaction when they are sick. If you are deprived of the opportunity to keep your French Bulldog warm, consider placing a hot water bottle in his bed. Make sure that the temperature is lukewarm and won’t burn your dog.

5.     Dog nebulizer

Some vets recommend nebulizers for dogs that are easily available online. They are designed to make it easier for your dog to breathe if he is suffering from a cold. This is particularly helpful for French Bulldogs are they are prone to breathing problems.

If all these methods fail, and your beloved puppy is still struggling with his health, a visit to the vet is essential. If your French Bulldog completely refuses to consume liquids or has a rattling sound in his chest, a consultation with the vet is necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which winter coat is the best for my French Bulldog?

The Gooby padded winter coat is extremely popular among owners of French Bulldogs. It is warm and easy to attach to a leash.

Why is my French Bulldog sniffling?

If your puppy is sniffling, coughing, or sneezing, this could be a sign of the onset of a cold.  If this persists, take your puppy to a vet for treatment.

Why is my French Bulldog’s nose dry?

A dry nose may indicate a cold in French Bulldogs. If your pup’s nose is cracked and dry, consider applying nose balm for dogs to soothe these cracks.



French Bulldogs are more sensitive to extreme weather compared to other breeds. This is why it is essential to take the necessary precautions during winter months and keep your adorable furry friends warm. Ensure that you have a winter kit prepared for your French Bulldog.


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