Are French Bulldogs Hard To Train?

How are French Bulldogs?

French Bulldogs, at first glance, are a compact bundle of intimidation and quiet. You won’t have any idea of what goes on in their little minds as their gloomy gaze seems to pass right through you.

Give them some time to get acquainted with your presence, and you will see a whole new joyful side simply through their eyes!

The Frenchies, as they are lovingly called, are known to have a temperamental streak. They can be moody and they can be stubborn. But they can be equally cheerful and charming little critters.


Getting along with the Frenchies

The expression – training is a misplaced label to address when talking about introducing your Frenchie to new experiences.

The heartfelt intention when approaching your new friend is to want to get along with them. Get to know them better. Understand what they need, how they react to various situations, and simply watch them deal with people around them.

Getting along with your Frenchie requires nothing but loving attention. Something they seek from you in return, unconditionally.

Are French Bulldogs hard to train?

Not at all. Simply because they possess a troublesome stubborn streak does not make them difficult to approach.

When compared to other breeds, there are significant differences. There will be variations in behaviour depending on their environment and their way of perceiving the things happening around them.

Curating a unique approach to Frenchie training

As stated earlier, dog training is more about getting along with them. How you live and behave around them influences their general behaviour towards you.

Do not underestimate their chunky expressions. One moment you can see them running after a ball like their tail is on fire. The next moment, they may come over swaddling and huff down on a cushion and sleep like it’s none of your business.

Getting your pet buddy to adjust and adapt to his/her environment requires consistent effort on your part. There are certain traits unique to them that you can take into consideration when curating a well thought out approach.


Is there any way to know if French Bulldogs are trainable?

Since the basic route of communication, i.e., talking has been taken out of the equation, the only other way to gauge dogs’ understanding is to put them through tests of intelligence. You can never fully gauge a dog’s behaviour based on their obedience.

The tests of intelligence take into account their response, or to be exact, their ability to respond to commands.

A general consensus of French Bulldog owners indicates their rating as – fair. Frenchies can be taught a variety of things, but require patience. Short frequencies of insistence are the most helpful countermeasure to their stubbornness.

Getting started with a set routine

The key to ingraining a command in your Frenchies behaviour is to tap into the exact moment of your order and their appropriate response to form a connection.

For example, when you are teaching them simple instructions like – sit.

You need to start out by prompting them with a treat. Work with them to stay still until you call out the command. The decisive moment is when they respond appropriately, and you award them the treat when they sit.

This allows your chunky pet to realize what behaviour is expected from them at that particular prompt.

It does not imply that things will always work out in a few days. You need to make a habit out of it and set-up a basic routine of building their behaviour vocabulary.

Never act frustrated or raise your voice at them. Would you like it if your loved ones meted out a similar behaviour towards you? Instead, speak firmly. Show it to him/her in your attitude.

You can also lightly tap their ear or nose to deter them when they get moody. Maintain a reasonably dominant personality when working with them and stay at it. Don’t give in to their deep, ocean filled puppy-eyes.


Is training a Frenchie a lifelong commitment?

We can all agree that ingraining guided behaviour in our pets during their growing years is a must. Everyone starts out learning about life in such a manner.

For your pet critter, you must work with them almost every day as they grow, to gauge their response and behaviour patterns. Only then can you adjust your approach to their understanding.

As they grow, so does their basic understanding of your behaviour and commands. In this regard, the owner is the most capable person in ascertaining what further steps must be taken. It is up to you to decide when to tone down the consistent routine of establishing their manners.

Keep in mind, we are talking about toning down the intensity of the routine and not effectively shutting off the interaction process.

No matter how much you think your Frenchie has mastered in the way of your commands, never stop the routine. It is, after all, something they have come to learn over constant repetition, for as long as they can remember.


The need for consistent training

When you stop following a set routine in life, it starts to become dormant over time. Other everyday actions start taking more priority, and eventually, you lose track of what you have learned.

Our pet pals are no different from us in this aspect. It becomes necessary to drill the simple instructions into their mannerisms such that it becomes second nature to them.

Frenchies require daily interaction to keep track of ingrained teachings. They do not register confusing commands but do learn from our behavior patterns.

So, keep it simple. Draw a distinct line between the commands and their particular expectations. Always ensure the end result is the same every single time.

But above all, love your pets. Shower them with all your affection. Deepen your unspoken bond with them so they can learn to trust you. Teach them to rely on you by always tending to their needs.

Building an easy-going companionship is one of the best methods of getting along with your Frenchies. Approach the entire experience as another phase of your life. Like all relationships, give this your best, and you will find your little cuddle-buddy unconditionally respond to you.




Are French Bulldogs easy to potty train?

Fortunately for you, the Frenchie breed tends to keep its surroundings and itself tidy. So if given the freedom, they will respond in the affirmative. All you have to do is stay consistent with your efforts and make clear what their response should be.


Is the stubbornness of French Bulldogs something we cannot overcome with training?

Frenchies are indeed notorious for being unmindful, as and when they feel like it. This hard-headedness of theirs can nevertheless be overcome.

Did you know that the ideal countermeasure for their stubborn nature is built in them already?

The answer lies in their devotion to their owners, which is what we can take advantage of and consistently drill the required instructions into their daily behavior.


Should we consider imparting obedience training to French Bulldogs?

It is a tricky question to address. As much as possible, work with your buddy on your own efforts. If you still feel short-handed to deal with their training, hire a professional, and supervise the interaction.


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