Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids?

Yes! French Bulldogs are good with kids.  Why?  Well, although a lot of dogs are good with kids.  And whilst the temperament of every dog is primarily down to how it’s treated.  French Bulldogs are already quite relaxed and playful, but treating your dogs with love and care really does help make them better with kids.

Are French Bulldogs Friendly With Kids?

Frenchies or French dogs are popularly recognized as family dogs. The dog breed is often an ideal choice for families with kids. Along with being gentle, they are also very affectionate and playful.

Unlike most dog breeds, French bulldogs don’t necessarily require much physical activity. Most often, they are also known as couch potatoes due to this.

Frenchies are small yet adorable doggos that love lying on the sofas all day. That being said, you must train your Frenchie so that they behave well.

Moreover, if you don’t look after your doggo, they may tend to become obese. Thus, it is crucial that you take them for short walks here and then.

Also, note that French bulldogs cannot bear icy or hot weather conditions. Thus, taking them out for walks at the right time matters.

Frenchies And Their Personality

Well, we already know that Frenchies are a few of the most friendly dogs across the globe. Many people also say that these dogs are like children. These doggos tend to keep you and your family entertained throughout the day with their cutesy acts.

This is one of the chief reasons as to why they comfortably co-exist with kids. Frenchies and kids are usually recognized as the ultimate partner-in-crime duo.

Their personalities are quite cheerful. Nonetheless, leaving your kids unattended with your doggo is something you should never do.

While French bulldogs aren’t aggressive, they may unintentionally chew on things when they are undergoing the teething stage. Thus, you don’t want your Frenchie to subconsciously bite your kid.

To avoid such accidental circumstances, you must ensure buying a chewing toy for your doggo.


Factors To Look Into If You Own An Adult Frenchie

If you own an adult Frenchie, you may need to watch out for several factors to safeguard your baby. Firstly, introducing your doggo to a new family member is indispensable.

Welcoming your new family member can fill your home’s atmosphere with joy and excitement. However, this can still be very new to your Frenchie.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that your doggo may feel confused and overwhelmed. This is why a proper introduction is vital.

Frenchies are adorable attention-seeking doggos. Thus, they may tend to feel overwhelmed when all your attention goes to the new family member.

Given below are a few ways to consider before you introduce your Frenchie to your baby.

1. Make Changes

Firstly, ensure making minimal changes before you introduce your doggo to the baby. For instance, start with changing your Frenchie’s sleeping space.

If your Frenchie usually sleeps on the bed with you, you might want to change their sleeping space. Moving their bed eventually is vital.

The best way by which you can make your pet to agree to change their sleeping space is by offering them rewards. This is an excellent training technique that can get your dog to listen to you.

2. Play Baby Music

The next element that you should look into is some dramatic and emotional baby songs. Your baby’s cry may initially sound strange to your dog.

Thus, it is essential that you make you doggo listen to crying sounds so that they can cope up with the new sounds.

While you may certainly jump out of thrill to see your doggo react to the baby sounds, it is also a beneficial element.

3. Restrict Your Play Time With Your Dog

This element might seem saddening at first. However, spending comparatively lesser time with your doggo before welcoming a new family member is vital.

If you are coming closer to your baby’s delivery date, you may tend to spend more time with the baby in the future.

Thus, your doggo may feel left out in such circumstances. If you don’t habituate them to spending less time with you, they may fall prey to separation anxiety.

4. The Right Time For Introducing Your Baby

Finally, another prominent factor that you should consider is the duration at which you should introduce your Frenchie to the baby. Your Frenchie may generally behave friendly around everyone.

However, you should never let them come in contact with the baby in the first few days.

Ensure that you first let your furry potatoes cope up with the baby’s smell. Once they are familiar with the scent, you can move to the second step.

This is the step where you let the Frenchie sniff the baby. Make sure that your doggo has their lash on here.

This way, you can avoid them getting too close to the baby. Lastly, once your dog is comfortable around the baby, you can start taking the leash off.

What Makes Frenchies Ideal If You Have Kids?

French bulldogs, as previously stated, are quite a catch. Their outgoing persona is what makes them quite interesting. And well, let’s not forget their charming aura that gives you a benefit if you have kids.

Along with being a passionate companion, a Frenchie is just what you need for your kids to create decades worth of worthwhile childhood memories.

Cuddlesome attention seekers

French bulldogs are quite compassionate attention-seekers. These dogs love to crave your attention and will let you cuddle with them all the time.

Thus, on properly training your doggo, you can rest assured that your kids get pampered by you and your Frenchie. These dogs love to be the prime focus of attention.

Thus, they will do anything to get your kid’s attention. Due to this, you won’t have to worry about your dog throwing tantrums.

Entertaining couch potatoes

French bulldog owners should note that Frenchies shouldn’t be left alone for a long period of time. Frenchies usually suffer from separation anxiety when you leave them alone.

Thus, spend a significant amount of time with your doggos to get some high-level entertainment and love from them.

Protective Breed

Frenchies are a few of the most loyal dogs that you may come across. This breed of dogs is quite dedicated to guarding you and your kids.

However, you should also avoid them from getting over-protective. An excellent way of mitigating this factor is by socializing your dog with your kids and the neighbors.


To Sum Up

Frenchies and kids have the most heartwarming relationships. You may have already come across adorable pictures of babies and franchises on Instagram and other social media platforms.

While these dogs may be small in size, they have the biggest hearts. Thus, if you are planning on getting a Frenchie, it is vital that you fill them with unconditional love.

Further, also ensure that you go through the necessary measures so that your kids remain protected.



1. Should I Buy A French Bulldog?

French bulldogs are an ideal choice for most families. They are small in size and are extremely friendly with kids. Thus, the choice entirely depends on you.

2. Do French Bulldogs Bite?

No, usually, Frenchies are a few of the most loyal and fun-loving doggos. However, they may unintentionally bite you when encountering the teething phase. Thus, training is essential.

3. How To Prevent My French Bulldog From Becoming Obese?

Thankfully, Frenchies don’t require too much exercise. However, taking them out for short walks can help them stay healthy and fit.



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